Microsoft backtracks on Xbox Live price increase! Thank you!

January 23, 2021 112 Views

Microsoft thought it was a solid plan to increase the price of Xbox Live; players, on the other hand – thought it was a horrible idea (duh) so micrsofot is leaving the prices alone! good job for speaking up, players!

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  1. If you think that they really wanted to increase the price for 100%, you really are naive – They only managed to silence the critics they had for charging MP conectivity on a 21st Century hardware. Sony is on the same boat and they tried to silence with a 15 month instead of a 12 month

  2. If anything, they should decrease the price especially with everything going on in the world, however I respect Microsoft for listening to their fans ?

    Edit: I am happy with the current prices, tho – can't complain ?

  3. No Shit! People need to stop pledging allegiance to companies. Imagine being a consumer defending companies for price increases & removal of accessories as a new innovation. Defending TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES y'all are fucking weird for that shit.

  4. I just want to know who the hell approved this and think it was okay in the first place. Anyway, the free-to-play is lifted and no longer needs Xbox Gold so now it makes the Xbox Series S that much better and also throws in game pass, and they have so much to play it will last them for years.

  5. Let’s be honest they where trying to see if they could get away with it. If gamers didn’t unite from all platforms this would have been our new reality. It goes to show how much power we have and backlash does work we just need to use our voice more often collectively.

  6. Hey Mark,i've also read that you no longer gonna need xbox live gold to play free-to- play games to play online. Microsoft wants to do it like Sony and Nintendo,i would've tagged you on that post on facebook if i had you in my friendslist to let you see it.

  7. They have spent a lot trying to compete with sony and nintendo. Bethesda was a huge move, but also a very expensive one. If this idea came in their mind there is a reason, microsoft is a very rich company and doesn't want to waste money. They will find another way to charge on us.