7 Game Trailers That Spoiled Their Games

January 21, 2021 43 Views

Making a game trailer is tricky. Put in too much and there’s nothing left to surprise the player. Put in too little and it’s two minutes of blank screen. And sometimes a big old spoiler will make it into the trailer and give away some important plot point before anyone gets to play the game. Just check out these seven trailers that told us a little too much, and subscribe for a new video like this every Thursday!

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  1. Maybe you just failed at explaining it, but i fail to see how the Shadow of the Colossus one was supposed to be spoiling anything. Most things you explain as "spoilers" about it would require you to have seen it in context to know what's happening there.

  2. Whiskey Hotel is part of the Nato phonetic alphabet. anyone with any military experience should be familiar with it as just saying the individual letters often gets misinterpreted. Whiskey Hotel is W.H. meaning White House in this instance so not really the game keeping it secret.

  3. Gotta love a trailer that goes "Spoilers? I barely even know 'er!" and just whacks a plot point up on the screen! Though according to QI, apparently we're HAPPIER when we know how something is going to end, so — perhaps these trailers were doing the right thing?

  4. You guys should make a video called Video Game Protagonists With No Chill. Zero from Drakengard 3, which I've been playing lately, and Dimitri from FE Three Houses, which my wife has been playing recently, would fit nicely on that list!


    oof RE6 was probably the most disappointing thing to happen in gaming for me in the last ten years. Luckily 7 showed up. That and Jake could have been an interesting character but the game around him was so bad I wouldn't be surprised if he never shows up again.

  6. With cyberpunk the trailer showing Jackie's death built a sense of tension
    You see the trailer
    See he dies
    Then meet him in game
    And now have a sense of dread
    You play the constantly asking yourself
    When will he bite the big one

  7. For whatever reason, none of my friends seemd to have seen this Cyberpunk trailer. So when the game came out and this scene rolled around, i was the only one not shocked or surprised by it in any way…