Xbox Controller Upgrade Coming Soon?

January 10, 2021 60 Views

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  1. I just want dynamic latency input firmware rolling out to the elite series 2 but as for hext gen controllers, the ps5 controller is fucking ugly and b4 anyone starts yes, i do have the xbox series X and YES, i do have the ps5 too ?

  2. Both Companies release a controller and Sony has the upper hand.
    So of Course Microsoft Will Copy Sony's Dualsense Controller Features
    Edit: That is Kinda a Shitty Thing to Do and I Think Sony should Patent or Copyright the Dualsense Controller Features and Yes Like He Says Microsoft Can Admit We Missed Out On a Cool Controller Chance But Don't Take Sony's Dualsense Features and Slap Em' in a Xbox Controller

  3. I'm sorry to say the Xbox controller is more comfortable than the PS5. I have both next gen systems and if it was possible to use the controller on both consoles. I'd use the Xbox Series controller over the Playstation controller any day. All the other shit is over rated haptic bullshit if you ask me….