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– Cybperunk 2077 PS4 Bugs
– CD Projekt Red
– PS5 vs Xbox Series X
– PS5 Console
– PS5 Console Design
– PS5 Console Reveal
– PS5 Console Leak
– PS5 Console Look
– PS5 Console and Controller
– PS5 Controller leaks
– PS5 Launch day
– PS5 Release Date
– DualShock 5
– PS4 Pro Controller
– DualShock 4 Pro controller
– PS5 ( PlayStation 5 ) News Updates 2019
– PS5 Rumors
– PS5 Leaks 2019
– PS5 News
– DualShock 4 controller on PS5
– PS5 UI

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  1. Hell nah this on CD project red, very deceiving to only show PC gameplay, with strict rules against showing the other versions.

    This counts twice now xbox has been burned with exclusive marketing rights on Valhalla and cyberpunk, for goodness sakes the xsx physical version of valhalla has the "optimized for xsx" when it initially launched.

  2. Not sonys fault, but I believe going forward Sony and Microsoft should be checking for bugs before certifying a game. As more and more dev companies are releasing games that are a mess and using us as a free way of trouble shooting their unfinished games, while taking our money at full price. I believe if the console creators held game devs to higher standards of qualify for certification, us consumers would be purchasing less unfinished games.

  3. Ahhhhhhh how the fuck is it Sony's fault and its not Sony's job too test the game its the devs job I.e ubitrash bungie naughty dog rockstar ect in no way is this Sony's fault cdpr fucked up n trying too blame others for there fuck up

  4. It'c CDPR's fault for releasing a shit console port, and it's Sony's and Microsoft's fault for giving it the stamp of approval. Both console makers have certification programs that check for bugs and crashing. They either let it slip through their fingers which is incompetent, or they made a deal with CDPR to screw over their customers to get their share of $$$ too.

  5. Of course its sony fault, for releasing buggy game in their system,
    Like sony fault for having more powerfull system (PS 5) even with less flop rather than super duper mega system from microsoft wiht flopper machine

  6. I think the whole Cyberpunk fiasco could be a good thing. Maybe we’ll see less unfinished glitchfests in future. At the moment purchasing a game is like buying an artwork with a big blank area on the canvas and the artist saying “Don’t worry, I’ll pop over to your house 16 times in the next 2 years to finish it off.” Updates and patches are a good thing but they shouldn’t be used as a way to release unfinished/poor quality games. The games only end up selling less anyway due to poor reviews so just stop it,

  7. Hell nah it's not Sony's fault . Are they the ones making the game now ? Lol ? it's either CD Projekt Red the devs who are to blame or even maybe Warner Bros the publishers . If I'm not mistaken it was Microsoft who was doing marketing presentations at their shows soooooooooo…….. Yeah . Sony is definitely not the one to blame here . Most likely the least to be blamed in this problem . Have CD Projekt Stan's taken it this far ? Lol

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  9. CDPR knew what ther were doing, they knew the whole time!!! Think about it that's why they pushed it back with another delay cause they were hoping that everyone would have a ps5 by now so it would be more forgivable and easier to downplay and because of scalpers it ruined that plan for them

  10. i made some best videos but i get no views while you and some other folks get majority of the views. I guess there is some cheating in play on Youtube. only a handful of folks through some cheating practices get majority of views while other people's videos doesn't even show up in search results.

  11. The fault lies with the development company for the game. Seems the new now is how fast can we make a game, not in quality but quantity of games. Looks when Bethesda released a half fine game in Fallout 76. Seems they do not care what shit they put out as long as they get their money.