THEY DID IT! Sony Surprises Gamers Everywhere With PS5 News That Has Fans Going Crazy!

December 7, 2020 10 Views

When does the bad news stop for Microsoft? Sony is on an absolute roll and it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon for the PlayStation 5, which is already the hottest gaming console of all time! Sony today certified just how much thought they put into the PlayStation 5 despite the constant FUD and other nonsense from YouTubers and faux tech experts in the months leading towards launch.


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  1. Why is no one talking about or making videos about how bad the ps5 backwards compatibility actually is there are so Manny of my ps4 games I can't play on my ps5 due to issues like some won't even play like sleeping dogs definitive edition completely crashes when I start a new game everytime and others have lighting issues like ac syndicate and more this is unacceptable and this needs to be fixed asap or I'll have to rebuy these games on my Xbox series x instead just to be able to play them without any issues

  2. I find it extremely amusing that Xbox fanboys we're talking about powerful the Xbox One and the answer that NPS pipe was not going to be able to go up against them and be safe to do an exact up something maybe both consoles can work together or coexist since these fires going to whoop their asses do they have hiked up on I like xBox wasn't showing any real thing just saying a little later new things are going to come up with no screenshots 4 proof and it will and just be patient but that's going to get people waiting for it to come up

  3. It's like this every year. It's the same thing they said last gen and the gen before that. I don't care about the minuscule power difference when I have the greatest games. It's not difficult to understand why Sony is winning …. again.

  4. It's sad to see where Xbox is these days, the OG Xbox and 360 were awesome systems with great exclusives.

    If only they had remained focused on the games the last 7 years, now they are paying the price of not only having no games but not even being the "best place for multi plats."

    Not a good look for the start of a new generation, and the Xbox oriented creators just won't call them out and criticise the platform so nothing changes

  5. Look back on your videos and you'll see that you are completely biast against Microsoft. It's a shame really because you can give some good info, but your inability to compare and assess is shocking.

    Nothing wrong with being Pro PS, but you always say the same crap. Get your act together and you might do well.

  6. What a total waste of 11 minutes of my life. Click baiting bs designed to get people arguing in the comments. People arguing about which console has marginal performance gains is so embarrassing to read. The only thing worse is people like CG who try to make out like its some personal victory. An adult, ladies and gentlemen.

  7. You do realise they are literally no different they are both great you do realise they both have a dis advantage over the other like ps5 slightly weaker but really nobody going to notice its margain of error and same with the ssd ps5 ssd is better but at the same time the end consumer is not going to notice the average consumer dont give a shit if the data throughput is 1gbs or 10gbs nobody give a damm because both of those is good enough you only going to notice if you are someone who is literally looking for the diffrent with a high speed camera and the screen right next to each other and every user input have to be registered at the same time to see any damm diffrence what you really should be talking about is stuff that actually effects customers like ssd expansion you should be saying things like you cant use just any old ssd for the ps5 and the expansion slot is not enabled yet and you should be telling people though the xbox has the ability to have more storage its some special connector that will hold its value longer then any ssd thats compatible with ps5 soo you should be saying do you want expanded storage now with the xbox but pay a hefty price with the big chance that they will not go down in price much if at all or wait for the support from ps5 to get a ssd that will go down in price fairly quickly and theres a muiltitude of other things like ui which feels better controller features which one feels better to play games with the games which exclusives do both platforms have planned exclusives for the future that have been confirmed or not if applicable this is just critism i have that makes you look like a fan boy rather than someone actually delivering real news on the console you need to speak about things people care about like the potential customers best interests you have got to have in mind when trying to say one console is better than the other without leaving important details.

  8. As some one who owns all three major consoles. I just like to say that the fsnboying in the comment section is Hilarious. I've never seen so many Biased individuals in one Room.
    Just when you thought that gamers were uniting against the scalpers and encouraging one another to enjoy the platform they play on, here comes youtubers with the fuel can ready to embrace Instigation