RIDE 4 | Xbox Series X Vs PS5 Next Gen Comparison

January 23, 2021 12 Views

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  1. What people need to remember with these comparison videos is that the Xbox delivery system is the same as last-gen. PS5 has a whole new delivery system compared to PS4 so devs haven't gotten to grips fully with it when improving current games. Someone correct me if I've got that wrong please.

  2. If I'm nitpicking I would say it looks slightly better on PS5. But both ryn this in dynamic 4k 60fps. So it would be interesting to see overall avg FPS and dynamic scale range. As well as overall avg resolution for both.

  3. Will buy it on PS5 for the controller as I suspect the graphics settings are copy paste. That said, I will do as I did with Ride 3 and wait until the deluxe version or whatever it was called was £20 in the sale and included all the DLC bike packs. Then again……Moto GP 21 might be available then, so might as well buy that instead. I'd play '20 now as it's free on Gamepass but they haven't enhanced it so….

  4. The dual sense controller on the PS5 destroys the xbox series x bought for both consoles for me and my kids to play , you get vibrations , when someone drives past you vibrations , vibrations from the exhaust , wind , bumps motor revving , and the active triggers are just right not to aggressive .Much much better experience going to buy another ps5 for the family

  5. Anyone who says it looks better on one console needs to take off their fanboy glasses. It will eventually come down to 1st party devs to demonstrate the true power of these consoles and if i was a betting man, i know where my bet would be?