Xbox Live Gold Goes up In Price & Down in value!

January 22, 2021 211 Views

Well, time to milk the fanbase
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  1. I know they reversed their decisions but again gaming corporations are scam artists. These fuckers who sit at the top couldn't give a million by putting back into the company instead of pocketing it as a yearly salary. But worse. They know COVID-19 is happening. You know the easiest way to take advantage of people not making money. How about actual deals. Make XBL free for a year. Lower the prices of games, give more incentives for people willing pay for Gold. And people will come flocking and at the same time you'll earn some good will.

    But nah that's too hard. Just shut down another studio and then snatch more money from the consumer wallets

  2. Xbox is in a weird place right now. The console itself is basically for people who don't want to make their own gaming PC, but at the same time they're killing it with GamePass, but that requires having an Internet connection. If the Internet's off for whatever reason, no games for you unless you bought them. That said, I still prefer it to PlayStation nowadays because Sony censors Japanese games, but to be fair Xbox does too, just not to the extent that Sony does. All you really need these days is a PC and a Switch.

  3. "People are hurting for money…"
    What do they care? They didn't see enough of increase in subscribers when they released their initial offer, so just as you said: the plan is to milk the customers that they have currently, just a bit more.

  4. Listening to this while doing my Supreme Jerk November Reigns Wasteland 3 2nd playthrough! On PC, obviously. P.S: that tumbnail is pure gold.P.P.S: "Sippy sippy my drinky winky"? Ahahahahaha Muahahahahhaha

  5. Thank god I got on the pc before that shit hit the fan, never liked Xbox and never liked there bullshit and I left that crap console, I'm now playing games on pc THAT are online and I don't have to pay shit for. make the switch people this is coming from someone who has been on Xbox for more then 9 years, get a pc you will save so much money and get better experience and fuck the steam summer sale probably will give you more deals in a day then the 9 years you have been on Xbox.

  6. They didn't go with Xbox 4 because they feel it would look inferior to the PS5 to casual buyers and parents looking for Christmas gifts. And to be fair I can see some grandparent looking at them both and buying the PS5 over an Xbox 4 just due to the higher number. It's the same reason Samsung jumped from Galaxy S10 to S20, the iPhone was going to 12 that year and they didn't wanna look inferior. But how they did it made sense, the year was 2020 so it fit. But what Microsoft did was actually make it worse and more confusing to parents and grandparents. How many kids got a One X for Christmas instead? And that doesn't even take into about the Series S, the next gen that's not really next gen at all. A lot of kids only get 1 console a generation, esp lower income households. So imagine getting a Series S for Christmas and that being your only console for this entire generation. Grandma won't understand it's not really next gen and no matter how much begging they do they're stuck for the generation. Sony did it so much better, a simple number increase with a disk or digital edition, simple and easy to understand for anybody and both are true next gen consoles. There were SO many better options than Series X and S. Besides just 4 they could have went with Infinite, Next, Xbox 20 or hell even just Xbox. Just a simple Xbox would have been different enough to separate them and they could have put New in front of it like Nintendo and Apple has done in the past. Yes there already was a simple Xbox, but who's going into a store asking for a 20 year old console, and putting new would fix that. It's almost as bad as naming their 3rd console Xbox One. Microsoft needs a new marketing team boss because I can't see how this ever got OK'd. And now they're talking about a Series XS, a digital Series X lol. I can even see ppl getting screwed over getting charged $500+ for a One X or something because they know they don't know the difference.

  7. Well doing the monthly it's $120 anyway on both consoles. I find it easier to just do it that way because you don't even notice that $10 coming out alongside Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime, YouTube Premium ect ect ect lol. Now if the monthly goes up to $20 or something then it'll be a problem. Btw they took it back like they're the saviors or something and removed the pay wall for free-2-play games which is something you didn't mention. Microsoft was the only company charging to play f2p games and doubling the price to play games you can play free everywhere else seemed crazy.