Black Clover NEW ANIME ARC Release Date & Filler Arc Ending? | Spade Kingdom Arc

December 12, 2020 11 Views

Black Clover anime spade kingdom arc’s release date might be the end to the filler arcs in black clover.

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  1. Wait, i unddrstand that we have been given an anime-canon non manga arc that is not filler. Ok that much is clear. But how many episodes are that way? ( i mean the whole traininc at heart kingdom arc is only anime canon? ) I mean i haven't read the manga so if anybody could fill me up i would appreciate.

  2. I hope studio Pierrot does better animation for the spade arc. I am dissapointed in the anime man. If they cannot do better and dont have enough budget i think it's better to cancel the anime. The animedoes not live up to the manga

  3. The dub is still at 142…I wish they’d release the next ep quickly. It’s killing mee. One of the main reasons I hate anime that’s still airing?? you gotta wait so long for the next ep, especially when it’s the dub one.