Xbox Fanboys Freak Out On Sony! PS5 Announcement Has Millions Of Gamers Celebrating!

December 26, 2020 10 Views

Xbox fans weren’t happy with the latest PlayStation 5 news from Sony, some feel that it’s an unnecessary attack on Microsoft. However this really proves how far ahead of the game they are in comparison to Microsoft and the Xbox Series X!


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  1. got my series x at launch with no intention of getting ps5. never owned a ps before. after hearing all the hype surrounding the ps5 I had to try it, was lucky enough to get one this month. ps5 is the smoothest, most responsive system i’ve ever played and the series x is just not matching it’s performance and i have no idea why. the lower flops (ya ya ya), the lower bandwidth hdmi interface, the inferior cooling system (imo). it just doesn’t make sense. ps5 is the clear winner out of the gate at least.

  2. Playing Fortnite and Cold War on my Xbox Series X. With the new Turtle Beach Recon 200 and doing ray tracing and 3d audio on Cold War. Beautiful and immersive. Congrats to those who got a new next gen console and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

  3. I managed to get a Series X at the beginning of Dec with the intention of returning it once I got my hands on a PS5. I was coming from an Xbox one and the last PlayStation I had was the 2. I’ve recently gotten my hands on a PS5 and I’ve got to say I’m slightly disappointed. The new controller is great and I’m having a blast catching up on all the games I missed out on PS, but so far I’ve had my system crash twice and the PS5 runs noticeable more loud than my Series X. I haven’t encountered any crashes or issue with my Series X.

  4. Why would anyone freaking out about Cyber punk 2077 that game has so many bugs that if they were real it would employ alot exterminator's next to that Sony themselves removed it from the PlayStation store then everyone has been returning thier Game right hand and Center

  5. Tenuous reason for a video, there will be not one single solitary person freaking out that CP will be getting a free next gen upgrade on the next gen machine they dont have when it will for sure be the same on the next gen machine they do have. I cant believe my click was baited so

  6. Whenever I hear X Box users talk about playstation it's usually in a good light not much bad to say about playstation. But when I hear Playstation (FANBOYS) people talk about x box it's usually some kind of bashing statement, something to the effect of "X box sucks". If anybody is a fanboy it's on playstation side, just saying. I guess Crap Gamer truly describes what you are! Lol.

  7. Genuinely don't see the point in the Xbox any more. I mean, imagine releasing a new console without one exclusive game to play on it? Its unprecedented surely? Whats the USP? A subscription service that lets you play old games at higher resolutions? ? wow