Insane Graphics From Ninja Theory Revealed | Xbox Game Studio Shows Amazing Graphics

January 19, 2021 8 Views

The Xbox Game Studio Ninja Theory has revealed some incredible graphics for their Project Mara. We discuss how their technology works and what it means for other Xbox Game Studios and Hellblade 2.

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  1. I rather have physics and destruction then incredible graphics that do nothing other then look nice.

    Also remember when it's just showing graphics at this standard, there is actually nothing going on that uses processing other then showing pretty images .

  2. Very exciting stuff indeed ??..

    It excites me when studios are starting to share their technologies to other developers within Microsoft, this sort of collaboration would most certainly boost for better long term development of game engines that everyone can benefit from.

  3. Forget the games! Just in tech assets alone. XBGS is becoming a force to be reckoned with! And in the talented hands of the likes of Compulsion, The Coalition, Playground, Turn10 and THESE guys. It boggles the mind what we'll be seeing The Intitative and UnDead Labs do with all that!

  4. People are a bit blind right here. This is the same as those Archviz created in UE. The difference is that what we seen here is in-engine and not ingame. Nothing is translated to ingame graphics, animations, physics etc etc. Project Mara is taking place at small spaces, that’s why they can focus on photo realistisch environments. This tech was also used in Uncharted 4, like Nathan Drake his house and other indoor environments. This is still running in UE tools not on console. The Hellblade trailer was also in-engine and not realtime. This is more like “look at what we can do with our tools and tech” then “look at our game”. Nothing right here is close to optimised for some device.

  5. The room rendering is outstanding!! But the team really are way behind the curve when it comes to skin rendering. Notice that the skin rendering doesn't even come close to what they showed at the Series X reveal 13 months ago. Proving again that that trailer wasn't all in engine. So bullshoting!

  6. Its an essential step if we ever want reach photo realism in gaming, its really exiciting how tech moves. Im also an amateur archeologist and ladar is really amazing tech and I was already curious if it couldnt be an asset to gaming. So its awsome to see Ninja thinking outside of the box and more importantly; its good to see all that money didnt stopped them for thinking outside of the box.