Kpop idols as anime characters

October 11, 2020 10 Views

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  1. It's extremely difficult to pick an all-time favorite anime character, but I can tell you who my favorite female and male characters from Fairy Tail are

    Lucy and Laxus (also just realized.. they're both blonde and have names that start with L.. that wasn't intentional;;;)

  2. ryujin must be useless af and yuna lisa a bitch minnie vibing soojin loook dumb af MAD RESPECT FOR YUQI joy a baddie i hate yeri baekhyun my boy sehun was taught by me, me and deku fighting for jihyo momo scary af zero two wayyy better than sana my boy might like tzuyu hes into dumb ass slice of life iu mine chungha old somi :drool: