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The LA Clippers defeated the Indiana Pacers, 129-96. Paul George recorded 20 PTS, 7 REB and 4 AST for the Clippers, while Kawhi Leonard added 17 PTS, 7 REB and 5 AST in the victory. Domantas Sabonis tallied 19 PTS, 14 REB and 6 AST for the Pacers.

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  1. I hate how they only highlight star players. McDermott had 20+ and I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t listening. Can we please add additional player stats in the comments? Just a suggestion.

  2. Keyboard warriors here stating PG did not perform in the playoffs and can't make shots that matter were most probably only watched NBA last season during lockdown. You guys should see each of PG's performances in the playoffs and see to yourself if he really can't make shots. To be honest, if it was not in the bubble and games were really held in the homecourt of each teams, Clippers could've finished the Nuggets and should've given the Lakers a run for their money in the WCF.

  3. The clippers have a chance against the Lakers PG13 is coming back to what he was in indiana, on the other hand the pacers chimestry is really I think with tuner back they can give a good fight to the clippers other than that their ball movement is always good with Bragdon and sibonas.

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  5. Bruhhhh I swear everytime I watch clippers game they lose lmfao, maybe I should stop watching their games so I won't jinx them lmfao, I guess I should settle for highlights for now ?