GOOD BYE XBOX! Sony Is Laughing At Microsoft Fans After HUGE PS5 News Embarrassed Them!

January 23, 2021 39 Views

Sony couldn’t have asked for better news than they got today. This is probably one of the biggest slaps in the faces I’ve ever seen when it comes to the gaming industry. You really have to start to feel bad for Microsoft at this point. They clearly aren’t listening to gamers or fans in the least bit. Absolutely crazy that this has happened.


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  1. I would like to advise all the new gen console buyers not to buy one of them based on specs. Don't take a decision based on the number of teraflops. OPTIMISATION is the most important thing that is needed on both console. Also have a look at the exclusive game line up and also consider the consoles your friends are buying.

  2. They reversed it !! But I guarantee more people now know the price of game pass ultimate and would not be surprised if there numbers go up .. shock and awe sells !!! PS needs to compete with game pass or it will be left behind eventually especially with Ubisoft joining it soon , I’m considering get a series x as it’s a bargain .

  3. but I heard that places like best buy and gamestop are actually canceling orders of ps5s due to how bad the shortages are they might be putting up a bold front but they are hurting production wise, at least microsoft is being honest and with this and the buying up of all those small studios these are serious long term moves that I can honestly say don't bother to much I just want whichever I can get first without a ridiculous mark up πŸ˜…

  4. They have rolled it back now. This says to me marketing ploy. Put the pruce up, get complaints, roll it back and now microsoft looks like the company that listens to their consumer. Its a win win. People complain and roll back, microsof looks like the good guy and they are now worse off, no complaints the keep the price up and they make more money. Its a PR tactic.

  5. I see the console war still going on, I see people can't just have fun with whichever console they want it always have to be some kind of war between both sides nobody can just play their games you have to get insulted for using a different console it's pathetic it really is πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  6. @CrapgamerReviews You laugh too soon and Sony would have been next. Sony was free multiplayer and followed Microsoft at the same pay wall price. Nintendo followed after that. Suffer no delusion fanboy. Sony would have followed and doubled psn. Xbox gamers no longer need to pay Xbox live gold to play free to play games. That means Halo Infinite will be free to all Xbox gamers. It was a stunt to glorify the free to play games announcement. You can't see past the hand in your face