How Fox News Covered President Biden’s Inauguration – CONAN on TBS

January 21, 2021 37 Views

Conan compares CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News’s coverage of the historic inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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  1. It looks to me like Joe Biden is nothing more than a political Puppet who is being used to hold a pen and sign some papers which will only benefit Big industry monopolies. His puppet masters will never attempt to step out of their shadows into the spotlight themselves because they are like cockroaches who fear the light of public attention. It is extremely obvious that the main stream Fake news media is but another set of puppets who's Agenda is to make the other puppets look good and to distract the sleeping giant away from what they are doing with the other hand. America must take back it's power out of the hands of these highly corrupted monopolies who dangle our constitutional freedoms over the barrel fires of the increasing homeless population. Disinformation and deception have flooded the airwaves for far too long. This isn't just a political War against Trump and his massive amount of supporters who are normal people that simply agree with most of his decisions and ideals, of which represent the will of the majority of law abiding, good hearted, freedom loving American's, no, this is a war on every single person's freedoms and future of the generations to come. This war is fueled by BIG Money monopolies that want nothing more than to make more money and take more power away from the people. Monopolies of which we were warned about generations ago. Now the vision of those Elitist Corporate Entities has come to fruition, but they are not done yet. If you can still think your own thoughts then to them you are a danger to their power, a danger to the status quo, a danger to their economic plans which are founded on suffering, enslavement and outright Lies. They've built an empire of Death ontop of the bones of our families and blood of our veterans. The first step to defeating an enemy to Life is awakening the masses to their strategies of death which holds the weapon of Fear. Do not be fooled by the ignorant, yet follow that Good which is the weapon of discernment that resides in the heart of All mankind.
    If no one stands up in Truth, then all will be held down in silence.

  2. Lovely, as a Soviet winter's day, with the street ocupied by an obscene military presence preventing the people from seeing their new distopia on display.
    Welcome to the new, United (under one party) States. FTW and FU2

  3. I'm an independent voter just Laughing at both sides of the ile. I don't vote anymore cause traitors in both parties. By the way Democrats stole the election over a broken pipe in Atlanta that stopped all vote counting in the swing states. And only to continue counting early morning when no one is around lol. What a joke! People have no respect for sleepy joe!