Playing with the Most HATED Guns in different Battlefield games

January 20, 2021 61 Views

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  1. Bro, you have to play a few games in Battlefield 4 with the 870 MCS with the Prisma 3,4 times scope, full choke and slug. It's one shot up to 50-60 meters, then it's 75 damage on further range. When you're lucky it's a one shot headshot up to 70-80 meters sometimes.
    Ps. Love your videos❤️

  2. you know a gun is hated when servers specifically kick and ban people for using them on said servers.
    a VERY good example here is Battlefield 3 and the USAS-12 Auto Shotgun and the Jackhammer. both of which got me kicked and banned of several servers by just using them.

  3. Mmmm I dunno about your choice for BF4. I'd say out of all the shotguns the Saiga was the most balanced. The two that really stuck out were the M1014 and the pump action one that slips my mind. Both of those were infuriating as they could both one shot at an extremely long range as well as even if you were able to win the fight you would always take massive damage making your next fight very very hard to win.

  4. The other day I was playing Siege of Shanghai in BF4 an while I’m standing on the building rubble, someone with a Saiga 12 frag rounds snipes me from about 200 meters further from the other side of the water. That means not only are they all the way across the water, but they are several hundred meters further than that.