This Xbox Series X feature is impacting the global climate

January 16, 2021 49 Views

Read it here:

the Xbox series S and xbox series S instant on feature is having an impact on the global climate. you wanna know what else does? my farts.
anyway, enjoy the video. love you. if you’re still reading this, comment a monkey emoji on my video cause why not. ok bye. stop reading. lmao yo why are you reading this still? im kinda hungry tbh. maybe I should go eat a hot pocket, maybe some BBQ? idk. what do you guys like? let me know.

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  1. Dunno what's it about but I guess they took Xbox as example cause it's not really essential device..I guess ..maybe for some..while smartphone nowadays its essential tool like pc/laptop.just guessing ??‍♂️

  2. I like watching your videos because you keep it real and that's why I usually subscribe for anything I don't know about before buying anything like as in tech wise or anything I'm not sure about which is why I respect people who have a YouTube channel which help us out with info we need to know that being said keep up the good work!

  3. I'm not sure I fully agree with your point about iPhones, but I certainly agree the article is a bit clickbatey and fear mongering. The point I guess is the instant on feature is an extra feature to help speed up booting up your device, that if turned off can save energy and emissions, as there's the normal standby mode instead. By contrast you cannot use an iPhone if you don't charge it, there's no alternative. I think the bigger issues with the article and research it's based on are plentiful, like how many people actually use instant on? Microsoft confirmed it isn't set by default and you choose on setup. Also how many Xbox Ones already are out there with this feature on? They probably are less energy efficient, so an Xbox Series console would be an improvement and mean reduced energy consumption. Then there's things like do the Series S and X consume the same power with instant on? Also huge assumptions on the amount of CO2 generated, as this depends on how the electricity is being generated in the first place, for example maybe more by renewable sources than fossil fuels. I get the general point that turning the feature off may save you money on your bills and reduce your energy consumption and emissions, but it's certainly sensationalised to get the clicks.

  4. 28 watts standby is absurd. That is enough to power a 24 inch monitor. Its a lot of energy to waste, to put a product on standby. MS are stupid. I hope Bill Gates plants some trees to make up for this…

  5. 28watts or 13.. that's still Huge! Doing nothing in standby is like having a car just running the whole time idling basically and then say there are cows farting the whole day so its all good.
    27 Playstations are more efficient than 1 series s/x. Thats fucking insane

  6. Xbox Rules. I’m not paying 1 grand for a 7 hour dlc of spiderman when I can play it on PS4 pro at 1440p. I love my series x and gamepass. And the future of the console is looking great

  7. Acutely I don’t charge my iPhone everyday I charge it every day and half plus I charged my iPhone 11 Pro Max 25 hours ago and still have over half battery because I don’t use it all day because I use my Xbox series x and PS5 digital