RDX: Xbox Series X Surprises, New Xbox Console Leak, PS5 Update, Phil Spencer On New Xbox Games

January 6, 2021 19 Views

HUGE Xbox Series X Surprises, New Xbox Console Leak, PS5 Update, Phil Spencer On New Xbox Games & much more
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..


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  1. I dont think starfield will come to ps5.
    Bethesda showed all their games coming outside of xbox, before their acquisition announcement. So they are quite until the deals goes thru, then they will say like "the following games from now on will be exclusive to xbox". Then they will show stuff like starfield, wolfenstein 3, dishonored 3/prey 2, etc.

  2. FYI the speaker on the ps5 still sounds like garbage. Why anyone thinks that is a good idea I don’t know. Same with the blowing into the controller… I get that they are trying new things with controllers…. but come on

  3. I'm really excited for The Medium. The duel reality has me interested. The reason I buy into next gen consoles is to experience next gen games, but sadly the Series X is sold out everywhere.

    FOV sliders are very important to me. I struggled going from playing games on my PC, to playing some those games with my friends on Xbox, at what felt like 75FOV. I think with next gen consoles, there's no reason not to have the option.

    I don’t care for Duelsense. Those features are a gimmick to me and I think it will be another case of the rumble, touchpad or speaker in controllers, a fad. But, if Xbox do implement something similar I don’t mind as long as I have the option to turn it off. I want to be able to pull down the RT and have my gun fire straight away.

  4. I’m lovin’ the Xbox Series X. I haven’t played a console this much everyday since the 360 days. The Medium looks fantastic…and the plethora of AAA exclusives coming this year on Xbox is mind blowing.

  5. I'd like Microsoft to bring back the N64 controller. (tongue-in-cheek). What I love about the Xbox controller is it was so similar to the Gamecube when I first got an Xbox.

    I never have liked Sony's controller. I'm not a PS person in general but that's my childhood self talking as well who defended Nintendo up till the Wii.