PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

January 8, 2021 9 Views

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the the flagship consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But which one is right for you?

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  1. I'm sure most PS4/Pro users won't think about switching to Xbox, if they are interested in Game Pass services or first party games from Microsoft most likely they will prefer to build or buy a PC.

    If i'm someone new to video games i can see myself considering Series S but not Series X simply because the price.

    But if i know a little bit about Sony exclusive games then without a doubt i will get the PS5 and $60 12 months Playstation Plus subcription for 20 PS4 games + 2 new games every month with some of them are exclusive games.

    Most of the people are not going to upgrade their TV yet because the price of TV with VRR is still quite high so the little higher and stable PS5 performance will provide a better experience for most users.

  2. The truth of consoles

    Xbox is has one of the greatest specs and strong console than PS. But the players switch to PS due to lack of games. Xbox team did their best to make more exclusives but their power is not enough. Why because sony and nintendo bought all gaming devs company.

    Thats the reason why players switch to PS. Its not because people are fanboying PS. They just choose PS because thats what they like. Its just all about competition.

  3. Hey TechFox. My company is interested in hiring you to produce videos and would even consider buying your channel with the option of hiring you to produce videos for the channel. Please let me know how I can reach you to discuss further.

  4. False info.

    PS5 is RDNA 2 BASED meaning its RDNA 1 with custom parts.

    PS5 is a 9.2TF base console which has been overclocked.

    Series X has FULL RDNA 2.

    Series X is a 12.18TF console.

  5. My comparison
    Specs-Xbox Series X (1-0)
    Design: Tie (2-1)
    Controller-PS5 (2-2)
    Services/Legacy Content-Xbox Series X (3-2)
    Innovation-PS5 (3-3)
    Mass Appeal/Cultural Impact-PS5 (3-4)
    UI: Tie (4-5)
    Exclusive Games: PS5 (4-6)

    Final Tally: Xbox Series X: 4; PS5: 6

    Overall Winner: PS5

  6. Design wise, it seems to me that all of You guys are too young to understand that, the xbox, is the materialisation of the 2001/2010 Space Odyssey Monolith! In the first movie, it represents an event trigger, an epic transition in history, the evolution of humans from ape-like beings to civilised people. In the second movie, it transforms Jupiter from a planet into a Star. Aagain, a transition of epic proportions. The shape is signifying the epic evolution from the original Xbox to the series X and, just for that, it wins over the oversized Net Gear router lookalike the PS5 design team must have taken clues from!

  7. ?? weak launch….. Doesn't even know what the fuck is demon's souls…. Same io but can't talk about a extra type c better wifi and other features like how the bandwidth in the ps5 is actually cutting edge while xsx is like a mid to low high end pc….
    Game pass has nothing is you compare it to psnow…. Now has over 800 games… And more quality games then xbox

  8. The Ps5 is not full zen2, the xbox is full zen2 however I'm a xbox player first sony last. I have nothing against sony's console at all but I feel the xbox is the best place to be for future proofing in the long run. Also I have gaming pc that I built myself and to be real no console will ever beat a real pc for gaming at all.