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  1. berthold's death wasn't satisfying for me in season 4 , i wanted to see him suffer more, like his life flashing back infront of him, regretting all the sht he had done, and something like that blah blah i am lazy to write

  2. – Falco's titan can be a bird
    – Armin wonders if birds ever saw the sea when they're still behinds the wall (if i remembered them correctly)
    – One of AOT's ost : bird in a cage
    – Scout's emblem : wings of freedom
    – Birds are free to fly everywhere

    AOT just had too much foreshadows about birds

  3. No matter what y’all say Eren is still technically a hero without being one. He realize to bring the world to peace that he’d or “someone” has to become a greater evil and be “vanquished” in order to save the others. I totally get his decision like think about it. He didn’t even want to activate the rumbling, he just didn’t want to gamble the survival of eldians cause let’s face it. If he didn’t activate the rumbling. Everyone in the walls would’ve died sick ass deaths AND it would’ve been all over a lie. If I was Eren that shit wouldn’t sit well with me either so I’d rather die a villain for the sake of my peoples survival than die a “hero” along with the rest of my people

  4. It’s mad how this anime just has no villain. Eren is destroying the world and everything but his motives makes sense. It seems the only way the world can survive is by eren destroying so that humanity as a whole come together and fight the apocalypse