Xbox Series X – Power Matters & Makes A Huge Difference

January 17, 2021 43 Views

Xbox Series X – Power Matters & Makes A Huge Difference
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  1. I'm impressed that they built a more powerful, smaller and quieter system than the PS5. And for the same price as well. They are working on the games now so that's the only negative thing about the system at this current time.

  2. You're argument is flawed. If power does, matter the XSX would clearly pull ahead and show up the PS5 at every stage but it doesn't. Then you explain the performance difference is due to the PS5 API being more optimized. Seems like the console power doesn't really matter but instead the skill and ingenuity of the engineers teams working on the APIs.

  3. madz I'm back!!! , with info:

    i been trying to dig up the true feature set of both xsx and ps5. struggled to make people talk but,

    I'm now highly confident ps5 has equivalent features for everything except sampler feedback streaming

    also it seems the ps5 vs xsx power convo ends with them being the same power with different strengths and its going to be up to the developer which one is more benificial

  4. If power wouldn´t matter we would still be playing on SNES. POWER does matter, and not only on quality and fps. Also inmersion. Compare a game like Resident Evil 1 with Resident EVIL 7 on ps4 or XBOX ONE X. The inmersion that the power allows is awesome.

  5. MaDz I agree with you that on the long run the XBOX should have an edge over ps5, but right now PS5 has a next gen Controller that XBOX doesn´t and games like Spiderman mike Morales and Demon Souls, while XBOX doesn´t have any real exclusive. So right now PS5 is a better deal . On the other hand what XBOX has is Game Pass and I don´t know about Poland, but in my country Microsoft has much better sales, and that´s why I will get an XBOX Series X instead of a PS5. Also I don´t like that PS5 has only 660 GB of RAM available for games. Do you have better game prices with Microsoft in Poland?

  6. I sold my ps5 because I couldn't stand the coil whine . The buzzing noise gave me a headache . My series X is silent . I haven't heard the fan ramp up yet ! I will try another ps5 in a few months to see if it's any quieter

  7. When people say power doesn't matter, it literally makes no sense. I understand there are casual gamers who don't notice framerates and graphics, but the experience is no comparison. If people played Gears of War on 360 at 700p 30fps after playing 1440p/4K 60/120fps on Series X, they would be blown away. Same as going from PS3 to PS5.

  8. Zgadzam się w pełni z Twoją opinią. Też uważam, że Xbox potrzebuje trochę czasu a ta różnica w sprzęcie zacznie wychodzić po czasie w zależności od optymalizacji przez programistów . No ale ps5 to też potężna maszyna i barwo SONY. Szkoda, że u mnie w Irlandii ciągle niema konsol od dnia premiery nigdzie w sumie jak na całym świcie. I nie słuchaj ludzi którzy mówią, że moc nie ma znaczenia, bo ma. Pozdrawiam z Irlandii

  9. ''it doesn't matter if you choose Xbox or Playstation…'' while there is a huge ass Xbox banner underneath his face and Xbox videos running in a loop XD You're a part of the problem, on Xbox One there was no talk from you about power but since Xbox One X got announced omg lmao. Just stop killing Xbox credibility

  10. I’ll be getting my Xbox Series X tomorrow, as a present from myself to me, for my upcoming birthday, later this month! I can’t believe I managed to get one of those, after such a long wait… kudos to all Xbox bros out there!

  11. Of course power matters, but the power difference becomes irrelevant when both consoles are similar in performance. What’s funny is fanboys are arguing over small things like a few fps drops, a few extra pixel counts, reflections, etc. What’s also funny is everyone has to wait for Digital Foundry to do their zoom x20 and slow motion video capture, so we can see the difference.

    There are only three games that I think are next gen games, true next gen games that can’t be done on old gen consoles and have some form of next gen gameplay, not graphics. The Medium, MS Flight Simulator 2020 + Ratchet and Clank. Everything else brings nothing new to the table apart from better visuals and maybe performance