Xbox Series X Impressions/Gameplay: Why I Got This Over The PS5

December 28, 2020 48 Views

I picked up the Xbox Series X a few days ago and I wanted to make this video on my initial experience. In this video, I unbox the Series X and talk about my gaming history. Then I explain why I got the Series X over the PS5. Finally, I talk about my first impressions and show off some of the gameplay and next gen capabilities of the Series X. I am very excited to use the Series X even more and I have to say that this is a very good console. With that said, not everything was perfect in my initial experience and I explain that as well. Please let me know what videos you would like to see related to the Series X or if you have any questions about this console. I hope you enjoy!

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Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
0:25 Unboxing/My Gaming History
2:26 Why I Chose This Over The PS5
3:38 First Impressions/Gameplay
6:46 Conclusion


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  1. The Series X is my first console since the PS2 and I'm blown away by the performance and quick resume. I had done some light gaming on my 10 year old laptop which was slow and just barely played old games so the difference is like night and day for me.

  2. Very well spoken, took the words out my mouth about my impressions with it. Im in the same exact boat as you. I would like to see you try some backwards comp games bc microsoft added auto hdr to most of them. Great video keep up the impressions.

  3. I chose the Xbox Series X over the PS5 because I have a long history with Xbox and I like the console/controller design. The Xbox hit the hardware and software head on. Its focus is power and speed and not so much looks.

  4. Well, i bought xsx because ps5 was out of stock ) an have no games 🙁 im going to sell it… want to play god of war horizon spiderman demonsouls uncharted days gone :(((((( also i watched graphics comparing on youtube and both consoles are same so whats point to buy xbox? Graphics same , sony has better excludives$controller … yes and halo is shitiest game of all time i played it didnt like it

  5. I have both. I play on the Xbox when I’m playing on its friends/competitive and the PS5 when I’m laying in bed watching a movie/playing a offline game not that series.

  6. I dislike your video for two reasons. 1: You said that the Ps5 has more exclusives which is not true, and second you talked bad about the controller and how you might keep the ps5 but before you said you're an Xbox fan, that's not cool. You can't switch to another brand just because of better controller when the brand you're already with gave you a nice controller with a great console. That proves you're not a faithful fan.??