NEW OP EXPONENTIAL SETTINGS! BEST Fortnite Sensitivity/Settings for PS4/XBOX! Fortnite BEST Settings

December 24, 2020 55 Views

Fortnite BEST Legacy SETTINGS for PS4/XBOX ONE! Best AIM ASSIST Settings For Exponential, Exponential Aim Assist Buff Settings and Update & ALL SETTINGS in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2! Which Aim Assist is the Best to you in Fortnite Chapter 2! Exponential is now OP with new Aim Settings! Best Exponential Fortnite Settings for Building/Editing/Aiming! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Fortnite videos!

? My Gaming Setup! ?
Evil Controller ?
(Shift Paddles/Remapping) (Evil Sticks: Left-Small Right-Medium) (No Mods) (Tactile Triggers)
Shure sm7b Mic ?
(Mixer – goXlr) ?
(Streamdeck – Soundboard) ?
Gaming Pc ?
HeadPhones (Steelseries)?
Gaming Monitor (alienware)?
Elgato (Capture Card) (Console only)?

Editing Software (Final Cut Pro X) (iMac Only)?

? Social Media ?

? Instagram!

? Creator Code ?

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  1. Hey! I have a question, so I am a linear player with a 5 right look dead zone and when ever I build or edit or even shoot my gun it would always drift to the left. But that’s it? Anything else it’s fine it just always drifts to the left and I am very confused… my controller is a DualShock 4 been a year old but still in good shape and when I switch to exponential I still stick drift no matter what time of dead zone I have