a very SUCCESSFUL manga haul

January 18, 2021 51 Views

Manga Haul & unboxing for January 2021! Check out some of my new manga pick ups for the month of November 2020 and get some manga/anime recommendations! I hope you guys enjoy the episode. Feel free to comment on what you have or want to pick up this month!

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Thank you for watching! If you have any recommendations please leave them down in the comment section below! Let me know what you’re reading/watching – I’d love to hear from you ~

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  1. i seen you pick up the overlord light novel in your vlog but cool to see pick them up. it was the first light novel series i got into. (now i cant stop buying them.) this looked like a satisfying haul! exciting new reads and completing other series youve wanted!

  2. That was such an amazing haul to start 2021! Really cuaght my eyes for some reason especially with those Ajin volumes! You are really making me want to start collecting it and i loved the anime too! Just is a bit expensive. Can you tell me how much you got vols 3-15 roughly so i can know how much i should aim for?

  3. Shuzo Oshimi is one of my favorite mangaka and Happiness is his second best work in my opinion(just behind Flowers of Evil). I really enjoyed Happiness and I think you will as well. I would describe it as a more mature vampire story that really focuses on the characters. If you want to compare the two, I personally enjoyed Happiness more than Tokyo Ghoul but they are both great.

  4. Only got me three volumes this month on Amazon. I got Attack on Titan Colossal Edition #5, Wolf Children and volume 1 of Doubt. I've been wanting to read Attack on Titan and finish Doubt for months and can't wait until they get here.

  5. I recommend the series "Kuroko Basketball" . It follows the character Kagami and his passion to beat the 5 miracle generations members of teiko middle school, but little does kagami know that there is a 6th member known as the phantom, and to add on to it the 6th member is on his team. The story follows the journey that kagami, kuroko, and the entire basketball team takes in order to beat the 5 miracle members and become #1 in japan. This series appealed to me, because Im a fan of basketball.

  6. i just hauled the first two volumes of happiness and really enjoyed them!! looking forward to reading more. and blue giant definitely looks like something right up my alley! i always love music anime/manga, thanks for the rec!

  7. Hey boogie any tips for not letting the manga addiction get to you . I’ve recently decided to collect manga for the first time a few days ago so I’ve been ordering on rightstuff and I’ve now spent about 1000$ lol I’ve watched so many videos on tubers recommending all these amazing manga that I’ve never been introduced too because I’ve always been anime only. and the fear of manga getting sold out and me having to wait months is what makes me order it now but at this point I’m just spending a lot of money lol . also this is my first time using your promo code , or any in general , does the blind box come with the shipment or was I supposed to pick something from a few options when I was checking out ? Because I ain’t see any choices pop up the order just went through

  8. Hey man, nice video! I enjoy these haul videos. I'm considering collecting manga since I already have a few. I want to get my manga from Right stuf and I wanted to ask, is their membership worth it? I only plan on buying 30 to 40 volumes (depending on how long the series I'm into lasts).

  9. I’ve never read Happiness, But I’m caught up with the scans of Chi No Wadachi and I’ve read Flowers of Evil. I have to say his artwork is amazing especially the artwork for facial expressions

  10. Great haul! Thanks to your earlier video I ordered the first Blue Giant omnibus alongside vol. 8-15 of Slam Dunk from RightStuf. Playing music was also a big part of my life and hopefully I'll get back to it once things get more normal.

  11. Dont know if you would like any of these but I would highly recommend:
    Suicide island
    Mieruko cham
    Spy x family
    Fullmetal alchemist
    Mieruko chan

    Im not sure if there are physical copies for some of these but each one is a nice read

  12. Just wondering.. those promo codes for the blind boxes. Do you get a code monthly to offer your fans? I'd love to try it out for the first time, but I also don't want to create a whole new haul because I recently ordered a lot of manga and I'd like to wait till mid February at least lol.

  13. I would love to start on Overlord light novel too! The anime was awesome~ IM SOO GLAD you picked up all the volumes of Happiness. You'll LOVE it, Boogie! Try out more Shuzo Oshimi, like The Flower's of Evil. classic.