The Sony PS5 Pro Release Date May Be Sooner Than You Think

January 1, 2021 52 Views

Lets go over the Sony Playstation 5 Pro, The Release Date in India, Some Free Games, Hollow Knight SilkSong info & more

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  1. (Edit: I used cyberpunk as an example because it is the most obvious. Yes the game is broken, I agree. But the point I was trying to make is that the games aren't running as good as they could. I didn't mean they were running bad by any means what so over, but that a pro would run them better.)
    Any of you think that PS2 themed PS5 is cool as well?

  2. Hey, Dan Happy New Year hope your well let's make this year a great one to remember much success here's to another one stay blessed bro. ???? Great to see India finally get it released so Dan yeah think China might get a release date great video very well detailed.

  3. No! There you are wrong, It isn't because lack of graphics card, it's because 2077 is a cross-gen title! I have that game on my PS5 my self and i haven't had any problems with that game, And the glitches is becose the game wasnt ready to released but they did it anyway, And 2077 havent even had a PS5 upgrade yet!?

  4. As far as ps5 not being what it should have!? Dude , you honestly can't blame ps5 for not being able to run a game that was a broken piece of crap ??? and btw I have played cyberpunk on ps5 and it runs at 60 fps 4k, so? I mean it still had a glitch where I could progress past mission 4(the rip doctor)but it ran smooth even when it didn't let me progress(just couldn't find Jackie or go to the next mission)cyberpunk is just not a good example of a game console not being able to run it lol! Everything else runs pretty smooth, like dirt5 check that out dan…you will probably love it(it's more arcade style)I just got it this week off psn and it is amazing(I think at least haha)great video, that camera angle is actually starting to grow on me…so maybe a mistake is turning into a serendipity? Have a great on bro ??

  5. It makes sense for Hollow Knight to get a new DLC since it was just in PS Plus,that's how Plus works. And Sony while back with the Pro release said they'd be putting out new hardware every 3 years,that hasn't really held,but 2023 would make sense with that line of thinking.

  6. I really do hope that CD Projekt Red is able to fix Cyberpunk 2077. People have been waiting for this for over 7 years and to see that it didn't do well is disappointing to a lot of people, not only that but it makes the company look bad the other companies

  7. Another good video Dan. However I'm going to blast Sony on this one. I don't want to hear shit on a mid gen ps5.
    I waited for the ps4 pro, this last time around, but so done with mid gen shit.
    Why even have hype for a so called new gen system, if they already have the knowledge for a mid gen?
    I'm sick of the bullshit sales tactics of both Sony and xbox. If they can't deliver for a full cycle gen, then all of us should say F..k you and just get PC

  8. Hay man, I won’t lie I haven’t watched your videos recently, but I was browsing through my games and I found destiny. I started playing and getting back into it and I got really nostalgic and watchedold videos and I started watching some of yours again and I just wanted to say that I think you’re awesome. And even though I don’t watch your videos very much anymore you should keep making stuff?

  9. PS4pro GPU Was More than 2 times Powerful than Base PS4 GPU but CPU Was literally only 30% powerful than Base PS4 CPU .Well,PS4pro should have been A perfect 1080p 60fps machine If it Got A Well Decent CPU .PS5pro GPU Surely be at the level of rtx 3070 And Sony has learned that system needs a Decent CPU For Running the games at Higher resolution And 60fps .CPU Should Get a around 30%-50% Boost ????????????