Biden’s Inauguration & Trump’s Pardon Spree | The Daily Social Distancing Show

January 21, 2021 50 Views

Despite the pandemic, Joe Biden’s inauguration has plenty of pomp and circumstance, and Donald Trump shares a bizarre goodbye message after doling out tons of pardons on his way out the door. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden

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  1. The thing is, the Paris accord doesn’t actually stop you from polluting the planet. It just forces the government to ‘buy’ carbon credits from less developed countries. This was why Trump pulled out of it as he thought it was a waste of money. Unless the government wants to heavily regulate manufacturing, the Paris accord won’t actually reduce our carbon footprint.

  2. trump slow getting out WH cause had to fire the head usher on way out and send all staff home so no one there to open place up to Bidens or help them when arrived to move in. After trump refused transitions, never let Bidens visit, Mark Meadows in November told usher not to send any WH living binders in transition and fired a lot of the most experienced house staff so Bidens would not have staff…wow, for a terrible leader and businessman, if it's about cruelty and maliciousness, trump can get very organized.

  3. Did anyone even notice that Biden and Harris were sworn in before 12 noon?. Constitutional law says sitting Presidents term ends and incoming President cant be sworn in before 12:01. So Bidens term ended at the same time that Trumps did. Folks, we have an illegitimate President sitting in the White House as per Constitutional law.

  4. Truth and Reconciliation : The truth is , a lot of these people that broke the Law is gonna serve real time in prison …To most , this will be a turning point in their lives , that will not only take them off cause , but brake friends and family ties , create serious life time pain and devide in households for generations to come. Hinder the future of youngsters , creating criminal minds and criminal records. America has proven that Democracy still lives …But can they Proof , the Quality of their Justice System . With the upcoming trial of Trump in the Senate in February? What an awesome time to live , even the Russians has found a New Desire to Live and live Freely . Yes ! We all get tired ,…Eventually !!

  5. How is trump on here talking about "I hope they don't raise your taxes.." when he bragged about not fully paying his cus he's smart. Should've given the people the breaks you were given and made for your rich buddies. And FYI taxes are put in part for a reason. They help fix roads, public schools and so much more.

  6. I thought when President Obama was sworn in I would never forget….but Biden’s inauguration was equal to that if not more. More, because we had such a bad bad 4 years under 45th. His name is not worth mentioning!

  7. He pardoned a ton of shady characters, BUT what about Joe Exotic…damn, that ain’t fare. I do mean fare, poor Joe Exotic had 2 things going against him.
    1. He got no money to give Trump.
    2. His first name has resemblance to Joe Biden.