Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama Arrive at Biden Inauguration Ceremony

January 20, 2021 56 Views

Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have arrived at the US Capitol to attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

They arrived with their spouses, Former Presidential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Former first lady Laura Bush was seen waving as she arrived at the Capitol. Former President George W. Bush is also expected to attend the ceremony.

President Donald Trump will not be attending the ceremony for Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

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  1. Barack: We’re going last because were the coolest looking right?
    Staff: No sir, you are last because you are the most recent former President in attendance.
    Barack: We’re so going last because we look fly

  2. 3 crooks together ushering the next stpo circle jerking.
    We all know now that they sold us out for china $$$$. I voted for clinton/ obama i was so mad when bush won now i know such a lie. They all where in on it. Do ur own research. They sold us out rigged election to keep doing ir

  3. To all the people who voted to put corrupt biden and harris in the white house and to reinstate all the failed obama policies including China first and unvetted open borders. I would like to know how the ones with kids can even look them in the eyes knowing they destroyed their future and their children's future?