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  1. Seriously who cares if Conor is fighting? Like bro the guy hasnt fought in a year and still avoids top fighters. Come on man just stick to the games you're mentioning please. But yeah Conors gonna knock porier out within 2 , if not its all dustin for 5 rounds and Conor will still the dub lol thats just how the UFC works

  2. I thought cyberpunk played ok on ps5 but I stopped playing after the 4th time if not being able to continue past the 4th mission? So I will try again when the ps5 version releases ?‍♂️ mk11 is a beast of a game and on ps5 with the upgrades it just looks so much better and plays just as well as it did(I am a mk fan so it may not be your thing, but it does have alot to offer)

  3. I know ill probably get rosted because of this buy. Cyberpunk 2077 i have been having a blast with on ps4 ya bugs here and there some funny and the others haven't been anything saving and loading hasn't fixed. I figuer i survived no mans sky and fallout 76 so frome my experience it cant get any worse unlike 7 days to die.

  4. Can confirm the ps4 version of cyberpunk is pretty good on ps5, that being said I only played it for about 2 hours to see how it performed and I was planning to wait for the next gen upgrade anyway cus i know that'll make the game a lot better

  5. Borderlands 3 for $9.99 is a great pick up. Especially if you have a PS5. There is a free next gen upgrade that has 120 fps and uses the dualsense controller. Can't recommend it enough as a slept on game that isn't talked about much.