Sony Reveals Really Bad PS5 News That Nobody Wanted To Hear! This Could Ruin The Entire Year!

January 13, 2021 38 Views

While Sony has been pretty forthcoming with a lot of new information in regards to the PlayStation 5 and what the future holds for the platform, there was seemingly a bit of bad news that looks to have actually went a bit under the radar to say the least. This would be a very bad thing indeed, but I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what the future holds in the meantime!


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  1. Delays are part of Sony's DNA the smart thing to do is promote a game when its finished then set a release date.These dudes didn't even get there console release right they should have delayed that till they made enough to satisfy more than 5%of there consumers.

  2. Dude The Medium is about to release……then Stalker 2, Crossfire X, Flight Simulator, Scorn, ExoMecha, Forza Motorsport 5, Starfield and Halo Infinite all this year. ??‍♂️ Are Sony fanboys delusional or just not quite understanding that the Xbox Series X is literally DOMINATING the PS5 with exclusive games? Like LITERALLY. Add Indiana Jones, Ark 2, Avowed, Elderscrolls 6, Wolfenstien 3 and a PLETHORA of more titles to the ever growing colossal size Xbox exclusives list. PlayStation 5 fanboys looking extra stupid out in these streets right now. ??? Crap you sound depressed dude. This channel is a clown show. ???

  3. Here's something to think about. PS5 has sold less than a million units in Japan. That is the lowest sales it's ever had since it's launch. Changing it's control scheme from O to X also didn't go over well with Japanese gamers.

    That has more meaning in Japan which I won't get into. But Sony's focus or lack thereof in it's home country. Is turning gamers off there and that isn't good.

    Putting all your eggs in one basket in this industry is not a good strategy. But as to this bit of bad news. I wonder if it has anything to do with Sony latest woes? ?

    This is also troubling because it could mean we may see less imports. Which at present is where most of my gameplay time is being spent.

    A lot of this could in part just be because of Covid-19. But Sony has been losing some traction for some time in Japan now. So they just better hope they can make up for it elsewhere.

  4. We never had an official release date for God of War Ragnarok just because they showed 2021 does not mean that was when the game was coming out. It could have been when we would see some gameplay footage or more details about the game. As for Gran Turismo 7 that game never had an official release date either and we all know how much PolyPhony strives for realism and with work at home we may not see number 7 until 2022. But it is also depending how far along the game was before the work from home was issued.