Cyberpunk 2077: PS4 Cheats – God Mode, Level 99 EXP, Level 99 Street Cred, All Skill Points +MORE!

December 27, 2020 33 Views

Cheats for Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 captured on the PS5 console.

Max Eddies
Max Components
Must have at least one of that component to use the cheat.
Max Upgrades (Rare, Epic, Legendary etc)
Max Quickhacks Components (Rare, Epic Legendary etc)
Max Current Ammo
Will reset to in-game max upon use.
Max Pistol Ammo
Max Rifle Ammo
Max Shotgun Ammo
Max Sniper Rifle Ammo
Level 99
Max Street Cred Level 99
Max Attribute Points – must have 1 point to use cheat
Max Perk Points – must have 1 point to use cheat
Max Skill Progression
Max Weapon Upgrade
Level 20 Body, Level 20 Reflexes, Level 20 Technical Ability, Level 20 Intelligence, Level 20 Cool
99 Athletics, Level 99 Annihilation, Level 99 Street Brawler, Level 99 Handguns, Level 99 Blades, Level 99 Assault, Level 99 Crafting, Level 99 Engineering, Level 99 Breach Protocol, Level 99 Quickhacking, Level 99 Stealth, Level 99 Cold Blood

That’s a lot of g’damn cheats! YOU ARE BREATHTAKING!




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