Uganda votes in tense presidential election

January 14, 2021 49 Views

Voting has started in Uganda in fraught presidential and parliamentary elections with an internet blackout in place.
Longtime President Yoweri Museveni is competing against opposition front-runner Bobi Wine, a pop star-turned-opposition leader.
Security forces have killed more than 50 people in opposition rallies.
Two-thirds of the country’s registered voters are under the age of 30 and many feel disconnected from politics.

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports from Kampala, Uganda.

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  1. Where is Cyril Rhamaposa the "head" of the African union? Every where around the world these grandpas are destroying things for the youth. Politicians need to retire at 65 like all other professions!

  2. The pharaoh of Uganda and god father of mafia gang in Uganda m7 Tibahaburwa, is evil and disgrace to Uganda and Ugandans for 35years he has spent in power he has done more harm than good.

    As I we have Lost our relatives and friends, abductions, killings and imprisonment its the order of the.
    Even today 14 /01/21 many people have been taken by the military they have been picked from polling station

  3. Can ugadan tell me which of these canditat do the majority of to population prefers and why ? Also who they think is the worst and why, I am not trying to. I'm not trying to take sides, I just want to have the point of view of the people most concerned and who know the best thank you

  4. Extra commentary, I remember the SATAN "Idiot Amin" the DEVIL in FACT, 35 yeas is 35 years TOO LONG Young people VOTE the DICTATOR > OUT vote for DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPERITY VOTE ALL DICTATORSHIPS-PEOPLE >>>OUT OUT OUTTTTTTTTT‼️????

  5. Aljazeera report today about the after math is a joke why don’t you say the truth say what you see But you continue to say oh it’s Bobi wine calming something what a farce you mite as well keep quite than report anything as its a waist of time today is 15/01/21 still injustice going on yet your reports make it seem like the government propaganda is right and Bobi or anyone else is jus allegedly or making claims ?