The History of the Xbox One: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

December 29, 2020 11 Views

The near decade-long lifespan of the Xbox One has finally come to a close, well sort of. With the Xbox Series X and the Series S taking over as the new faces of Xbox, it’s time to take a look back at the emotional rollercoaster of a ride that the Xbox brand took us on these past years with the Xbox One family.

The Xbox One has an incredible history. Some good, some bad, and some ugly. From the infamous disaster of a reveal in 2012 in the hands of Don Mattrick, to the fantastic 360 pivot they were able to pull off after Phil Spencer was named Head of Xbox, we’re going to go over every major (Nelson) moment that defined the Xbox One generation of consoles.

In this video we’ll also discuss Microsoft’s walk back from the once required Kinect and how the Xbox One’s focus on backwards compatibility that almost single handedly turned every thing around for the consoles.

It was an interesting console generation for sure and you can bet that IGN will be there every step of the way in the new stories the Xbox Series X will have to tell us in the coming years. For so much more on Xbox, stick with IGN.

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  1. From the used game debacle, Kinect being forced on people, the expensive price compared to the PS4, along with worse performance than the PS4 is what killed Microsoft’s reputation. Not exclusives; that’s a cheap excuse. Exclusives were the nail in the coffin, not the cause.

  2. The Xbox One is the only console I ever bought and regretted. Eventually it even died on me.
    There's still plenty of decisions Microsoft have made lately that piss me off but they are in a much better position now and the future looks bright. I'm excited.

  3. The xbox 360 is the best i think than all xbox, because that era, more gaming exclusiv, more game for x360, can handle ps3 n xbox 360 can a accepted of japan people… But when xbox one, is down… I hope xbox s x can strike back again like x360 ???…
    Just more game xclusive Microsoft, and more game

  4. After 20 years of buying exclusive Xbox consoles… The last 7 years of Xbox has made me absolutely hate MS and Xbox. I hate them so fn much I've spent 5 grand on pcs for me and my kids just to get away from them. Recently got my pc and all that's left to do is take my 4 Xboxes and post a video of me smashing the fk out of them with a hammer and set the remaining pieces on fire. Go F yourself Xbox.

  5. The PS4 video was set up to analyse the successes but mostly focused on its downfalls. This video is the total opposite to that and just goes to show how much western (more specifically American) gaming news sources love to jack off Microsoft and undermine Sony. These low-key biases are absolutely pathetic.