*Best 4K 120Hz*Sony X900H (PS5) (picture settings)🤩

December 21, 2020 47 Views

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  1. Love how this tv is with ps5, no matter what game picture settings you calibrate, its so good. But yeah i tried those settings they are great. For me i prefer neutral or warm temp. Other than that its great.

  2. Brightness has to be set all the way…the tvs nits are lower then other tvs so that has to be glowing for the hdr to pop…sharpness needs to be set to 0….having it at 50 is nuts….0….reality creation has to be off…seriously bro you have the settings all messed up…its not a personal preference or opinion….don't set your settings to what this guy has seriously lol

  3. Considering this TV but worried about the gradient banding. Do you get gradient banding on yours – for example in the Destiny 2 Europa sky or in particular when a snowstorm comes in? I've temporarily got my console connected to a not so great monitor and get very noticeable gradient banding in those examples and have read that the x900h has the same problem. Hard to tell in your video footage.

  4. I like it, looks good with cyberpunk, the advanced contrast enhancer, color temperature to cool and the live color made a huge difference! I can see the lettering much better and the colors are popping more especially the text Jesus Christ everything is much more readable now and less blurry.

  5. I still like the sony A8H model. That brings the gaming to another level. Works on both ps5 and PC. The settings i normally calibrate to the expert 1 settings and change mine manual in each settings. Like you said it depends how you want

  6. Hey dude tried these settings and the colors POP. Looks really good, but I’ve heard stuff like live color and reality creation can cause input lag? Do any of these settings cause that or no?? Just wanted to know because it looks great and I wanna keep it. Thanks man