Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | Xbox Series S|X vs PS5 | Patch 1.12 Comparison

January 13, 2021 50 Views

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  1. – Series S ha aumentado la velocidad de fotogramas a 60FPS (antes a 45)
    – La resolución de Series S es dinámica, entre 900p~1080p, manteniéndose más en 1080p.
    – Las sombras son mejores en Series X con respecto a PS5 y Series S.
    – Series X en modo resolución tiene una resolución dinámica que oscila entre 1512p~2160p con reescalado a 4K. En modo FPS, la resolución se sitúa entre 1080p~1440p.
    – PS5 sólo tiene un modo de visualización. Ha aumentado su tasa de FPS a 60 (antes a 45) y su resolución se sitúa en 1200p con reescalado a 1440p.

    Dicho esto, son las 9:30 AM y no he dormido en toda la noche, lamento si hay algún error en el video. Si os apetece colaborar con el canal, aquí tenéis mi Patreon:

    – Series S has increased framerate to 60 (previously 45)
    – The resolution of Series S is dynamic, between 900p ~ 1080p, staying more in 1080p.
    – Shadows are better on Series X compared to PS5 and Series S.
    – Series X in resolution mode has a dynamic resolution ranging from 1512p~2160p with 4K upscaling. In FPS mode, the resolution is between 1080p~1440p.
    – PS5 only has one display mode. It has increased its framerate to 60 (previously 45) and its resolution stands at 1200p with rescaling to 1440p.

    That being said, it is 9:30 AM and I have not slept the whole night, sorry if there are any errors in the video. If you want to collaborate with the channel, here is my Patreon:

  2. I have a question for sony fanboys, what "exclusives" are you playing right now really??? you lost pretty much all backwards compat. you have no exclusives and you got a weaker console for the same price as the SX.
    I find it amazing that going off of internet comments, pretty much every sony fanboy also has a gaming pc, but very few sony fanboys actually buy sony exclusives…according to sales numbers.

    I dont play in consoles but i like both consoles, but i gotta admit, nothing gets under my skin like Sony fanboys.

  3. Remember this still isn’t a “optimized” update. Game is still running on both original Xbox one and ps4 coding, this update just bought a slight tweak to them allowing for slightly better resolution and fps all around. Still a nice update to have

  4. Wow I am super proud about this channel that I see A latin/american channel like this big props to you and very good video posting and comparison
    And the Xbox series X is holding down that 60 frame per second and the picture quality looks very good so does the PlayStation 5 and the serious s they are looking good too