Top 10 Moments Only Anime Could Get Away With

January 16, 2021 48 Views

Check out how anime went from niche to pop culture staple in our series “How Geek Culture Became Pop Culture”:

Anime logic wins the day again. Join Ashley as he counts down the scenes that could only happen in anime, as seen in series such as “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Food Wars”, “Higurashi When They Cry”, and more! Did YOUR favorite logic-defying moment in anime make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 6. Literal elementary school girls lusting after adults or expected to engage in lewd stuff with them: Kodomo no Jikan, Lotte no Omocha!
    7. Incestuous undertones or blatant incest: Koi kaze, to love ru, Oreimo, nisemonogatari
    8. Harems in general
    9. Giant robots throwing galaxies at each other: Gurren Lagann
    10. Catholic church has soldiers and the Vatican is serious business: Trinity Blood, Vatican Kiseki (Hitler's sperm), Hellsing, Chrono Crusade

  2. The My Hero Academia reference isnt that special. In american comics u have the Teen Titans, New mutants, Young Justice, Young Avengers. They are mostly children. They not only fight crime, they even fight aliens, monsters, professional assassins, mobs, armies etc…so its not JUST an anime thing where young heroes fights

  3. The point of the video is that this stuff can only happen in anime, but I've seen everything on this list, except for 3 things, appear in non-anime mediums.

    In case you are interested, the 3 I haven't seen elsewhere is foodgasms, the sports thing, and motorcycle card games. Other than that, I've seen all the rest in a variety of non-anime things, ranging from live action movies, to western cartoons/comics, video games, etc.

  4. Seeing Tamaki in the nude is ALWAYS the best thing to come out of Fire Force, which is she’ll always be my favorite character! As for all of the other stuff on this list, well, maybe certain things just aren’t meant to be explained nor handled in the world or anime.

  5. I'm glad someone is calling out the nonsense of anime kids always beating full-grown adults. I know it's not meant to be the most realistic show ever, but I can never stand scrawny anime teens beating burly security guards twice their size in a fight just because they know a bit of martial arts