Inauguration Day: Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama congratulate Biden

January 21, 2021 44 Views

Former United States Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton recorded a video message at the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater as their contribution to U.S. President Joe Biden’s “Celebrating America” inauguration concert.

President Bush, addressing Biden as “Mr. President”, says in that video that “your success is our country’s success. God bless you.”

President Clinton echoed this, saying: “You have spoken for us today. Now you will lead for us. And we’re ready to march with you. Good luck. God bless you.”

Barack Obama, concluding the message, said: “I’m proud of you. You and Kamala need to know that you’ve got all of us here rooting for your success.”

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  1. Wow look, it's the guy who sold the US to China, the guy who killed hundreds of thousands over fake weapons and the guy who forced the US taxpayer to bail out corrupt banks, tripling the American debt. Oh and he also killed hundreds of thousands of foreigners.
    Yep, they're all role models…