Huge Xbox Performance Increase Announced | Xbox Games Get Better Framerates | Xbox Series X News

January 18, 2021 12 Views

MS has announced an Xbox Series performance upgrade due to an update of Direct X12 Ultimate. They enabled for developers VRS Tier 2 and we discuss what that means for Xbox Games and Xbox Game Performance.

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  1. VRS is indeed a very exciting tool, but Microsoft's super resolution A.I similar to Nvidia's DLSS is something far more impact full if MS plays their cards right in actually adopting A.I scaling technology for the Xbox series X/S.
    That's a real game changer.

    I have yet see a Xbox Series X multiplat game outperforming the Ps5 based on performance and i highly doubt 3rd party developers would even allow that to happen since consoles are primarily on par with the visuals and performance most of the time.

    I know fanboys are tone deaf annoying when its about hardware and software issues when performances aren't done properly and call it a win all of sudden.
    Lets not feed these people more excuses to bash on the game consoles they never play on or them understanding the issues which most don't.

    I want to see the real difference in exclusive games from Microsoft's first party games, Microsoft has a lot of amazing games in development with the addition of Bethesda/Machinegames Indiana Jones etc.
    Lets see if they can deliver the goods first.

  2. Did you see the update on project Mara? I am very excited fir that game they go over how they are building the game. I believe it takes place in an apartment that is placederaly generated. Can't wait to see more from Ninja Theory

  3. All these are just gimmicks. Let's see the real world performance. It's just like the case of series S hype where people were expecting it to render at 1440p but came down to 720p in assassin's creed valhalla.

  4. Arch The issue at hand has nothing to do with how powerful the Serious X is and has all to do with optimisation. It should be obvious to everyone who knows anything Microsoft waited an made sure they had full RDNA 2 feature sets which put them behind on their Dev kits and tools for the Developers. There's no need to be disappointed about this because this is going to pay off big time when only Microsoft and PC has exclusive features only full RDNA 2 can allow to truly Next Gen Games.

  5. Will this help streaming to twitch?

    Ever since "upgrading" to Series X, my streams have gotten really grainy and poor quality instead of getting better.
    It is extremely frustrating and makes me regret not just saving up for a PC instead (I know I know)

  6. If the Xbox Series X is so powerful, why should it even need this downscaling VRS tech to run old games with better frame rates? I thought it was powerful enough to push these last gen games natively… Also, does anyone know if PS5 uses VRS to help improve performance?

  7. Sorry Im a bit late here! Great vid again Archie!

    I agree 100% with you on how silent team XB has been on this. I mean, yeah, they are at least acknowledging it and making steps to resolve it. But still, the silence can be just as damaging IMHO.

    1 thing I have to point out that I feel youve forgotten to add in the video was the fact that the delay in the GDK was due to them waiting out AMD to finish up the RDNA2 featureset. Which makes sense as a good bit of that was from MS themselves. And looking to be used with PC as well. So it wouldnt have been prudent of them to pull a SONY and yank what wouldve been a virtually incomplete chip out of AMD's hands. Just to cobble in some last minute tweaks n fixes that may in the long term trip them up. Not saying this could be the PS5's fate. As this is a "wait and see" sort of thing.

    But beside waiting on AMD. The other factor was "Time". As it wouldve taken most devs in the industry about a year or so to get a decent understanding of these new features and the GDK's tools. I applaud MS at least putting up the resources to send out special teams to select studios to help assist and train these devs. So, its a start.

  8. I cant wait to pickup my series x!! Im probably going to get one this summer once they're not so hard to find and more next gen titles are released. Im in no rush im still really enjoying my Xbox 1X, but the future of Xbox looks so bright!! Great video btw. Subbed.

  9. What you've not mentioned is that PS5's Dev kit don't currently support VRS at the high API level. VRS is available on the PS5 at the lower Geometry Engine level (as seen in the amazing Unreal Engine 5 Nanite demo). As such, as developers (particularly 1st party and Unreal 5 developers) tune their engines to use the Geometry Engine, those games will get a performance boost too. So it might be a bit early to expect Series S|X Performance to be massively different to the PS5 as the generation progresses.

    IMO MS will have to release a new console with boosted tech within 2 years, if they want to try to look and perform vastly better than PS5. By then if PS5 is outselling Series S|X by 3 or 4 to 1, will Sony care, because that sort of deficit is very hard to claw back.

  10. At least when I finally get my sx in April once the stock stabilizes that’s when I’ll get it and I’ll be able to look forward to the best version of games. I tried to preorder but couldn’t

  11. Perhaps the Sony dev kit is just better and the console is a more capable system overall? And once developers get used to the geometry engine and they and game engines like Unreal 5 start fully utilising the faster IO of the PlayStation then it will only get better imo.
    How come Phil Spencer said he was testing the Series X at home over a year ago but the dev kit was waiting for RDNA2 features from AMD? It just doesn't add up to me

  12. I got an Xbox Series X on Wal-Mart website today. I’m sure I was lucky ? as hell. Everyone one was too busy trying to get a PS5 while I was checking out with my new Xbox, lol.

    I will worry about the PS5 later, I have a PS4 PRO I’m happy with. I got the Xbox for game pass and backwards compatibility. I still love my old games.

    I can’t wait to play The Witcher III on it !