Best 2021 TVs for PS5, Xbox Series X – Next-Gen Console Watch

January 15, 2021 51 Views

Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch, our show following everything PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. This week, we take a look at some of the best new TV’s featured at CES 2021 and which of them look to work best for the PS5 and Xbox Series X! We’re checking out a handful of some of the best TVs for gaming, including the Samsung QN90A, the LG C1 and G1, the Sony X90J, as well as discussing what Micro LED could mean for you.

Plus we’ve got poll results and a new poll for this week.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – CES 2021 TV Changes
02:25 – TVs to Watch for Next-Gen Consoles
05:55 – Sony’s Best TVs
06:52 – Samsung’s New Tech and Biggest TV Ever
09:40 – Do Xbox Players Want DualSense Features?
15:45 – Poll Results & New Poll
16:35 – Outro

What we talk about this week:

Do Xbox Players Want DualSense Features?


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  1. Hey Console Watchers! Will you be upgrading your TV for the new year, or are you holding off for more innovative features? Sound off in the comments below with what your plans are!

  2. Bought my PS5 day one then my 2 year old TCL Tv screen went out 3 weeks after was told the 5 was to powerful don't know if that's true but my screen was doing some kinda staticy thing so now got to get a new tv eventually just gotta find something strong enough with a cheap price hopefully????

  3. My sweet fiancé gifted me PS5 on my bday after I was struggling to snag one by staying up all night to get a drop from Target and others. So now comes the tv, how’s the Samsung Q70t ? It has all the specs to run PS5