Trump Leaves Washington

January 20, 2021 55 Views

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  1. I’m ashamed to say I voted for McCain, Romney. I’ll never be ashamed to say I voted for Donald Trump! Best President of my lifetime! Thank you President Trump for all your accomplishments for the American people! You are an inspiration!

  2. It was a tough four years but let us look at the period of performance that there is that positivity, heroic duty and love of humanity that in a great deal has been embraced and nurtured by the President and his wife somehow. The pandemic took a heavy toll gravitated with bombardments, negativity, bashings and all sorts of rejection but they are human beings like us with emotions that could be highly sensitive and hurtful —so let us respect the feelings and sensitivity of other persons like themselves and set aside political anger and chaos and lead our minds and hearts to a better perspective and high regard for human weaknesses and emotional encounters no matter how powerful or influential a political position held. Let us move forward and greet the new presidency with a supportive and welcoming acceptance because our safety and progress will be in the hands of a new venture of a beautiful government and command of power which we should honor and respect. God bless America and our New President.