Sony PS5 is TANKING in Japan?! Blame CENSORSHIP and WOKENESS!

January 6, 2021 52 Views

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is NOT performing well in Japan and Japanese industry analysts are blaming the company for chasing woke… er… WESTERN audiences and ignoring the Japanese market. Oh, and the rampant CENSORSHIP is turning off gamers. Less Last of Us Part II and more Ghost of Tsushima? It’s so bad that others are claiming the PlayStation brand is DILUTED. Meanwhile, Nintendo is releasing uncensored games on Switch…

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  1. Just wait! You will probably find out PS5 isn't selling as good as they thought also. I bet you, most of their gross sells are from Scalpers!

    While that might be a great boost of money, Scalpers are NOT going to subscribe, or purchase and play their games.?

    Get Woke! Go Broke! This is what happens when you cater to TWITTER, and Activists! Japan is clearly against this Bull Crap! Majority of the Western (Especially the Gamers and Fandom) are Sick of it! Sony has got what they deserve!?

  2. I’m confused: Is the PS5 just sitting on store shelves in Japan unclaimed? I find that hard to believe considering their perceived resale value right now. I think it far more likely that bots/scalpers are buying them up even in Japan and selling them elsewhere. I’ll wait for real numbers when stock levels stabilize and this scalper nonsense stops.

  3. It’s not censorship. That’s just some narrative right wingers use. It’s actually because the Japanese love handheld gaming. It’s been like this for awhile, and Sony could possibly release a handheld console for Japan soon enough.

  4. It's sad how Trump and his terrorist cells have poison people's minds with the Nationalist agenda. Take Clownfish TV… They're MAGA types disguising themselves into other fan communities saying, "they're coming for you". The reality is, like Trump, they poisoned the communities to the point that anything not white or subservient to the nationalist agenda is bad.

    This is why Hollywood and comics are in the shape that it's in. The writing is bad, these folks blame it on catering to everyone. Yet have no problem with the white savior, beauty and superiority that has gone on since the birth of both mediums. I wonder why???

  5. I am going to be completely honest, as a Canadian I am extremely resentful of some faceless corporation dictating what i can and cannot see as well, Censorship pisses me off to no end, it is indicative that these companies think we need to be babysat and i find it rather insulting, as should anyone with half a brain…if they say it is to protect kids, leave that shit to the parents…settle the protection of the kids at the lowest level, not some sweeping, babying bullshit like censorship…if people cannot be parents and do that on their kids' behalf, maybe they shouldn't be fucking parents!

  6. Agreed. I saw Final Fantasy 8 on their store and thought that it would be interesting…and then I saw an G.F. covered up. They made some pixelated cloth to cover the Siren up… This is just ridiculous. Back on the PS1 there was no such nonsense with that game. It is just laughable what they are doing. I have no respect for the Playstation anymore. PC is the way to go as far as I am concerned.

  7. Dude shut up the ps4 also sold under 10mil their Japan it’s not the market it was once before those 9 mil they have can be made up and those Japan games never come to any other territory even square and capcom started going west style markets most Nintendo games are handheld games

  8. It is not "Western" audience, it is PC culture but woke crowd is not buying consoles or play games, why would they try to make that crowd happy?
    People who play and spend money don't write woke articles or have blue check mark on twitter.

  9. There was no Japanese-orientated games on launch. None. Remakes don't count. People want NEW games, not old games that were popular with westerners. I'm not going to bother with a PS5 at all until there's actual Japanese games on it. I really don't like western-style games, probably why I love the Switch so much.

  10. Sony has always been the "look west" company even back in the day (they see what's cool/mainstream/acceptable in the west and copy that), but they did not realize how the changes in the mainstream western market would affect them. Why and how did the change happen that we didn't realize it until it is too late?

  11. One thing to keep in mind is that mobile gaming is far more popular over there. As for Sony's sales, if the numbers world wide make up for the lack of sales in Japan they may not even care about Japanese sales.
    That being said it will be interesting to see if Japanese game companies keep gracing sony with their games or jump to the switch.

  12. Stop before you hurt yourself. If the PS5 sold worse because of “scensorship”, then wouldn’t have Xbox sold a lot? No. Not even close, 400 Xbox Series Xs have been sold. FOH with this “blame wokeness” crap.

  13. Sony moving their HQ to California was possibly the dumbest move they could of ever made. The woke morons are destroying the company. It’s only a matter of time before the sales start sliding in the USA too.

  14. We are in a pandemic where going to the shopsis out of the question so we need t buy online, no one with a brain wants to buy their new console online as amazon/ups/tnt will deliver your parecel by kicking it up and down their stores for a day or two first, so you receive bits

    It will sell when its in the shops and we are allowed to go and collect it

  15. They're basically pulling a Capcom when they tried doing this in the early 2010s except this is on a much larger scale. It's really going to bite them in ass if they don't change their practices immediately.

  16. I don't know, bo! I live in Tokyo and as of yet there no PS5 consoles available for sale on any platform. Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions, Rakuten.
    So how is this thing not selling well if there are no units available for purchase? It is a hot cake and the Japanese ae squeaking over it

  17. With their newest console tanking in Japan I'd hope that this would make them realise that censorship isn't the way to go and that the ESRB rating is there for a reason. I love the PlayStation in fact I've been with it since the original but I can't stand censorship whatsoever and I won't stand by Sony when it comes down to it