Sony Finally Solves One of the PS5’s BIGGEST Issues! Plus, NEW Highly Anticipated PS5 Game Footage!

December 22, 2020 13 Views

Sony Finally Solves One of the PS5’s BIGGEST Issues! Plus, NEW Highly Anticipated PS5 Game Footage!

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  1. With games that have been built with only and mostly dynamic rendering, these games aren't worth even 50 dollars devs are known to work way less harder when Xbox 360 and PS3 came out, during PS2 games were Made with procedural rendering which uses actual and harder coding, if the PS5 uses hardcore procedural rendering with dynamic rendering to give the games a greater edge than the games just became worth 60 dollars if they are not boring and long lasting

  2. I started playing some of the ps plus collection on my ps5. 6 years later, I still stand by my saying that infamous second son is still one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. Will be picking up demons souls after Christmas

  3. Returnal is $70. They have the price listed on the Playstation Store. At that price it definitely won't be a day 1 purchase for me. I need to see reviews and other people's opinions on the game before I purchase any new IP at that price.

  4. I've never played game by Housemarque but I've heard good things about them . And Returnal looks like something I'm gonna have lots of fun . It's gonna for sure be a day one buy and I'm gonna be pre ordering it probably around late February or early March. Can't wait for this . Just got my PS5 around a couple days before my birthday last Friday and I'm loving it. There are a couple annoying bugs like someones your game data gets deleted when you download a game then take the disc out but other than that nothing wrong . Loving the look of the PS5 and I love the Dualsense

  5. Demon's Souls is sublime. I don't know what to say..places like Boletaria or world 4 with the all tesselated ground and castles at a locked 60. After that I finished Cyberpunk and I was mehhh whatever 2013 graphics. I feel Demons Souls doesn't get enough credit graphics wise. I haven't seen stuff like that before. Sure RDR2 beautiful vistas and all, last of us, Tsusima but what I've seen in Demons is something else. I cannot unsee that unreal level of detail.

  6. Although I’m a big fan of Housemarque, how can we say Returnal is worth pre-ordering at the price, which is £69.99 here in the U.K. The truth is we don’t know if the game is going to be game of the year or a Cyberpunk dog’s dinner. Fingers crossed for the former but I don’t buy any game until I know. Oh, and while we’re on it, the U.K. sale prices aren’t that cheap. I think someone has just converted the prices from dollars.