The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over

January 22, 2021 12 Views

ABC News Foreign Correspondent Ian Pannell reports on how the Biden administration looks to reset global relations after a turbulent four years, and new challenges emerging around the world.

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  1. I like that he wears his mask at his desk. Never know how Covid will get you or how you will spread this plague. He's such a great guy. I bet he sleeps with it on. He's doing it for the people…for democracy.

  2. Dislikes BACK UP TO 937.
    Way to go Youtube team. Time to get back to work cutting the dislikes down again.
    Funny how it's taken two days for the likes to almost get to 1000 when the dislikes got over that in under two days.

  3. Yeah world knows this is a sham……I don't even vote and know data science proves it impossible he won….lost freedom of speech and press and guilty before investigation. This is fucked up and sounds like some war between two teams that don't understand that we see you and hear you and USA is fighting each other…you know that right? OK….USA is not the USA I knew.

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  5. Biden has now been in office long enough to have fixed every problem and issue but he hasn't!
    so now everything is now his fault!

    that's what they said about Trump on day 2 of his presidency, so Biden gets held to the same standard right!
    also on day 2 of the Trump presidency, the stock market was up and the economy was revving up!
    but day 2 of the Biden and the stock market hasn't really moved, tho many stocks have dropped, people are hoarding and prepping for disaster and the US economy is getting ready for a crash, while oversea's, countries are busy isolating themselves from the coming US economic recession.