Will The Biggest Open World Space Game Ever Be Finished?

January 20, 2021 24 Views

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  1. lets also look at a recent high profile game release. which was in development for 8+ years, and people are saying it should have had another year or two in development. LETS ALSO NOT FORGET that CIG is essentially developing two AAA games at once. yes, one will piggy-back off of another, but still.

    CIG are having to BUILD technology to do what they need/want to do. one of the biggest things that people dont take into account with SC, is that nearly everything is physicalized. Reloading your rifle? that mag is on your armor. you crab it, and put in in the rifle. the rounds in the rifle, are there. if you watch you can see another round being chambered. same goes with missiles in a ship. ALSO keep in mind, that the only loading screen you ever see is from the main menu, into the game. theres A LOT more i could mention, but suffice to say they are doing an absolute ass ton of work on this game.

  2. Before finishing the video. I think that the game should take as long as it wants tbh. Look at Cyperpunk 2077

    After finishing the video. I now think that it should at least have release an Alpha or beta where people could play. Or if there is then cool. Idk this game lol.

  3. Perhaps people should stop crowdfunding games because there appears to be a risk of a total lack of accountability. They have been at this for 10yrs and have gotten good at asking for more money.

  4. There were many false statements present in this video. I don't know who did your research, if it was on purpose, or wtv, the fact remains.
    This is one more video jumping on the "let's bash SC bandwagon" without understanding the first thing about its development.
    As a game-designer myself for over a decade, I find it a shame that gaming journalists still don't know what the F is up with this game. And are still producing content like this in this day and age.

  5. This game has fallen into a development nightmare loop with numerous problems to counter (one of it being the technology and gen advancement), with them trying to keep up and fix problems that occur over and over again. The other major problem is Chris Roberts. A talented but overambitious individual that dreamed too much of a perfect star sim game but failed to deliver anything more than just a mediocre demo. Sometimes it is just enough to set goals, deliver and build further upon it rather than endlessly expand on those goals…

  6. Honestly, by the time this game comes out, some other Dev company will come out with a game like this, and it's much better, and took only like four years to develop. I'm not sure what their dev numbers look like, but I feel like this game is being developed by 50 people, instead of 500+ like a true AAA studio. Of which, they could come out with a game like this in four or five years, and it'll crush this game altogether. Quite sad honestly.

  7. "Let's just forget about 60% of the things you can do in the game in our video an don't talk about WHY it's taking so long by diving into the tech they are building"

    Saying they haven't done anything is extremely incorrect.

  8. missions are fine, as long as they're auto generated, they blend in the on-going progression of the simulation, and they don't hand hold you in and out of maps with silly stories. And as long as they're not "quests".

  9. I know the videos is him giving us info on games & catchy but in the beginning of video He could of just said twenty twelve instead of two & twelve faster to say but I get it make the video longer??

  10. No it's not taking too long. That's why I don't feel bad for people who complain about that and get triggered when games release with so many issues. It's already playable now and the game is at a level of detail no other game has.

  11. Lets see. List of very good Space Sims out now that are mostly or fully fleshed out. Void Destroyer 2. No Man's Sky. Empyrion. Elite Dangerous. Space Engineers. X-4 etc.

    Point is that there are a ton of alternatives that are out and fulfill the same mold. Empyrion, No Man's Sky and Space Engineers also have fully fleshed out shooting without the need for a different module to accomplish it.

    I foresee that if this game were to ever be released it'd be a worse disaster than Cyberpunk 2077. I'm betting that one reason for the delays is continual feature creep. Another reason probably is because then the lose that sweet sweet crowdfunding money gained from releasing ships for whales because, ya know, Pay To Win in a paid project that hasn't even released yet is totally the way to go… and that's something that Elite Dangerous comes in, they've launched long ago and have microtransactions riddled throughout their paid game for a more "reasonable" price.

  12. Whether the developer is intentionally taking money or not this game stinks of a new breed if pretty looking cash-grab games that are as big as an ocean but deep as a puddle. This is because it's becoming easier to make good looking environments and models with no interesting story elements that include unique assets. It's kind of like getting burned buying something that LOOKED good online.