Undertale Animation Memes Cringe Compilation

January 10, 2021 25 Views

Undertale Animation Memes Cringe Compilation

?This video is a joke and irony, everything here is done as intended by the authors, like everything on this channel.

Thank you all for your help, I could not have done it without you, I will not say who made these animations for the safety of the authors, they are anonymous.
but I recommend subscribing to them, this collection contains animations from them (which for security reasons I will not say timecode in comp)
(if you are in compilation and want to be here write me about it)

?These are pure original animations without text, garbage, bleach, jokes and other things, just as the original was painted.

?please do not ask what happened to the music, this was done on purpose to make the video look more cringe, I did a lot of work to draw animations, negotiate with people, process the music, it took a lot of time to make this video, thanks for appreciating me

?Since many do not like to read criticism, this video will be without my comments and jokes and text, this video in itself is a joke, I will make a separate video with my comments and jokes, expect, thank you for supporting our channel

?Guys share this video, it’s really funny and very interesting video, when I watched I laughed a lot, I hope you too XD

?This is not duplicate content, you won’t find it anywhere else, it was made originally only on this channel our team

?This video is a joke so that we laugh together and we have a good mood for the whole day
These animations are made together and belong to the DarkBF channel, please do not violate the YouTube rules and do not upload to your channel

?The video was made in order to cheer up the audience, and show how not to draw, we tried our best, I hope to rate

?If you want to make such an animation for our channel, you can send it to us by mail, be sure not to upload it to YouTube so as not to break the rules, so that we make sure that this animation is yours send us a frames in the process of drawing, as you did it.

?You do not need to look for all these videos that are compiled on YouTube to start the hunt, all videos are only on this channel, they are original, they are nowhere else, if someone uploads the video again, he violates the rules of YouTube

? The video is not suitable for children under 13 years old, since there are scenes that break the psyche, frames causing epilepsy and much more, the recommended age is 14 and older

? contact me ?


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