Sony's High Fantasy PS5 Naughty Dog Game Concept Teased; Sony Santa Monica Working on Two PS5 Games!

January 20, 2021 9 Views

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  1. Honestly I think everyone of Sony's Major First-Party Studio's SHOULD be working on two projects at once.
    We pretty much know that Sony Bend is working on Days Gone 2, and an Unannounced AAA Title since 2019.
    Sucker Punch are already gearing up for Ghost of Tsushima 2, however they're a big enough studio that they could/should be working on two projects at once.
    Insomniac Games has their hands full with Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart & Spider-Man 2, and possibly at least one Unannounced Title, so they're good.
    Santa Monica Studios must be nearing the final stages of Development on God of War Ragnarok if they're already hiring for their next project (I still have a hard time believing God of War Ragnarok is a 2021 game though).
    Naughty Dog already at work on a New IP from the sounds of it, and possibly TLOUP2 Factions Multiplayer still?
    Guerilla Games are currently hard at work on Horizon 2 Forbidden West and an Unannounced Multiplayer Shooter supposedly (Very unlikely to be Killzone according to recent news).
    Sony Japan Studios is a tough one to discern, they have three teams, yet it's difficult to pin down on what any of those teams are currently working on.
    Sony San Diego Studios & Polyphony Digital is still churning out MLB the Show and Gran Turismo, but I would honestly like to see both studios working on something new and fresh.
    God only knows what Media Molecule is doing.
    Though London Studios & PixelOpus are not major First-Party Studios, we know both are already working on their next projects.

  2. The Uncharted games have been great, but I'm personally not really interested in another entry, I think Uncharted 4 concluded that saga pretty well, so I'd love to see what Naughty Dog can do in another genre.

  3. Love the videos Foxy! I'm definitely interested to hear your opinion though on whether or not you believe Sony is ever going to bring back the SOCOM US Navy seals franchise. I feel like that franchise would be devastating to all other shooters out there if done right for the first time since SOCOM II. I'd love to see a Gorilla Games, or any other one of Sony's first party studios for that matter take hold of this franchise and refresh it the way that it deserves. What are your thoughts?

  4. Nobody is peeping what they are doing clearly they making up for the gap they gone have once Bethesda is exclusive so now studios will have to work on two games at a time and bring back games that have a following it’s smart hope it works

  5. There is nothing at all to suggest naughty dog is making a fantasy game, this is just bull. The image is just a drawing and has nothing to do with their next game at all. No idea why this is been pushed about but it's frustrating. It's a dungeons and dragons inspired drawing, developers do this all the time and share them on twitter. Click bait

  6. Hey Foxy It’s probably Naughty Dog trying to throw people off what they are working on, because all Naughty Dog employees have to abide by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that forbids them from talking about projects and that certainly includes giving hints alluding to what they are working on. The second and third woman do look very Horizon Zero Dawn, but the first woman sat on a dragon looks very Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla in fact I think it’s Eivor Varinsdottir!