Which Version of Death Note Manga Should You Buy?

December 25, 2020 11 Views

Today I decided to answer a question that I get all the time in comments and DMs and that is what version of the Death Note manga do I recommend? Since I own all three versions I believe I am qualified to answer that. Watch to find out.

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  1. When Teebry tells you not to get the one edition that you already own: depression

    Note: I’m sorry the only reason I bought it because it was cheapest and I wanted to read chapter 109 legally, because u can’t read it anywhere else, it was a good experience for me but I have not had enough time with the other versions so….

  2. if I can only choose one, I'll definitely go for original edition, since they were designed by authors and don't lost any details of covers, though black edition is so cool, and reading experiences would be better with the bigger size, they're also better for collection as you said they won't go yellow as white one will

  3. Hello bro
    In my country black edition is cheaper than the original one
    Like by 15$(even if I buy the 13th book seperately)
    Which one do you suggest
    Should I go for the orignal ones or for the black edition
    Edit: this is the first manga I am going to buy( so I don't want to ruin my experience)
    Please tell the better one for beginners/Noobs like me

  4. Dangg I’m so indecisive lol
    the black editions are so cool but I also love the artwork on the original box set and how all the volumes have a different artwork for the cover.. I think I will probably go for the the box set.
    This video was helpful, thank you!!

  5. I used to have the All in One years and years ago but I gave it to a friend who wanted to read it and when he was moving I let him keep it as a gift and he loved it so I’m happy he enjoyed it : ). When I rebuy the manga I’m either gonna go for the Black Edition or the original Japanese version as I am learning Japanese

  6. I have been deabting on which version of the manga to get for so long. And yes, I agree the all in one edition is so uncomfortable to hold while reading, to hold your page. As much as i like the cover art for the original edition, I also enjoy the simplistic black edition, and so will my wallet.

  7. There’s this deal on offer up where I could get volumes 1-8 for 45$ but the black edition has additional content and there so damn slick and will look good next to my junji ito books cause the size help bro idk

  8. I mean, I get why you shit on the All In One Addition but truth be told it's really not all to bad if you're just getting it for the story, and it sure as hell saves a lot of space as well as money. This edition would probably be mostly used for travel though to be honest, I mean you try bringing 13 volumes of manga with you every where you go, compared to one easy to pack away volume. Price wise (again if you're just going for the story and don't really care about "paper quality" or "size") then it's an amazing deal being from like $40 on a bad day to $25 on a really good one. All in all I think for what it is and it's price that it's really not that bad, and that I'm happy to own it and bring it along with me for an amazing story.