PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X – My Experience with Both!

December 19, 2020 11 Views

Now that I’ve used both next gen consoles for the past month, here is my PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X comparison. I also give my full thoughts on which console you should get and any additional accessories to grab. Big thanks to EPOS for sponsoring this comparison!

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  1. After FINALLY logging some decent gameplay in both next gen consoles, I can still say I'd pick the Xbox over the PS5, ONLY because all my friends are on the system and I'm huge into HALO! I still think the PS5 is the better overall console with a killer controller! Remember to leave your fav game on next gen down below and I can send out a pair of the EPOS gaming headphones so you can have a dope audio experience! Enjoy guys!

  2. I can say I am an Xbox fan and played Xbox since the first 360 and MW2. I owned the series x for a month and just recently got a ps5. This is my first time owning a playstation since the ps2. I have to say I am now a PS fan and tbh I am disappointed in Microsofts exclusives atm and the controller that has not changed at all really. The ps5 controller though feels next gen Xbox not really. I certainly had more fun with the playstation in 4 days than I did with the series x in 1 month and I decided to sell my Xbox.

  3. Ive bought an Series X after playstation since box 360. Impressed. And a bit pissed. Why in the name of sweet Jesus havnt Xbox still gotten a save clip feature beyond 3 stupid minutes – and that is in 750pp. Honestly, when the PS5 gets into the store I will likely buy that one as well because of that one drawback. But will keep the Box, have some super cool old games Id like to experience again ?

  4. To add onto his comment about upgrading your monitor or tv to take advantage of the new hardware, some older oled TVs also support 120 hz/FPS gaming. I have a LG B7a oled from 2017 that allows for 120fps on my ps5 albeit at 1080p only and I gotta say it’s awesome! Some of the higher end vizios support 120 at 4K and are solid TVs for the price as well.

  5. Series X for me. I got game pass free for a year and wow ? definitely worth it even if I had to pay. I don't play much online anymore ? Gears has always been my favorite franchise since gears 2. Played DMC, star wars, madden , gears 5 , and ufc for free. Easily over $200 I played other games but I was mostly invested in these. Play over 5 games for the price of 2 thats an easy choice ? thanks microsoft

  6. I fall hard for the first party games and Playstation has always been the BEST at it
    Not hating at Xbox but I don't think I would ever consider buying one
    Maybe it's the poor exclusives or the fact that it missed out almost entirely of japanese games

  7. At the end of the day, many of us have downloaded versions of games for one or both of the systems. I have maybe 25 discs and like 50 downloads for PS4. So I will go with a PS5 so I can continue to play my downloaded content.