NEW Xbox Game LEAKED? | HUGE Xbox Series X Star Wars Game RUMOR | Xbox News

January 20, 2021 14 Views

Is Xbox going to be making an exclusive Star Wars game for the Xbox Series X? With Xbox Game Pass being the most important service on the Xbox platform it’s obvious they want big new games on the service.

Microsoft sees the value in big properties for their platform and it’s exciting to see a first party Star Wars game.

With Sony’s Ps5 having their own big game like Spider-Man be exclusive, Xbox might want to try and get they’re own big franchise. It looks like the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 will continue to compete all generation.

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  1. This may not have anything to do with the possible future Star Wars and Indiana Jones games. But I would want Xbob to get the Spore IP, I would spend 60+ dollars of a Spore remaster or Spore 2, just to see Spore in the new Generation graphics and technology (even though spore had an insane level of detail and tech already in my opinion.)

  2. If they simply made a reboot of the original Knights of the Old Republic – they would be guaranteed the best version of the best Star Wars game ever made… guaranteed massive AAA sales hit. I would buy that, but I would be so much more excited with KotOR 3… Alas I think this will remain a nice dream, and we will end up with a different game.

  3. Time to take kotor from EA is all I’m gonna say. BioWare is the deadest of all the western rpg greats. Mass effect Andromeda, anthem, and the old republic have shown us they are out of touch with their base even dragon age to an extent. It’s obsidians time to shine and take on the mantle of best western rpg team. Cd projekt red has lost that title for sure. With new Vegas 2 being rumored in development its safe to say Microsoft knows what we want. Kotor 3 is probably coming and outer worlds team should work on it after outer worlds 2 drops. Microsoft seems hellbent on being the western rpg end all be all.

  4. i'm seriously thinking Zenimax Online 2nd new time is doing a Star wars Action 3th person RPG a single player game with a possible future Online MP/DLC component it just make sense and Yeah i could see InXsile work on a Star Wars in the Future but right now i doubt it as they are working on a Rumored SteamPunk RPG and 40k Warhammer Subs let's Go ZALKER87

  5. Don’t give me hope please. a republic commando remaster a kotor 1 + 2 remaster would be so sick. And i would absolutely love a republic commando order 66 which was supposed to be the sequel. And a kotor 3 pleaseeee xbox make it happen

  6. Just came from your Podcast from yesterday Just score my Series S last month been Achievement Hunting ever since. I just added you on Xbox a=under JWUniverse 2. Actually 100% 2 Games so far working on the Teltalle series of games!

  7. I dont like wen game studios be wrking on 3 different games bc it stops thm from focusing on one game. I rather have one game come out per year tht is really good thn to have 3 different dumb games come out per year tht won't even be plyed.