Sony Talks PS5 Game "Variations" & Prices, Sony Shares Hit Record Levels Due To PS5 Sales & More

December 18, 2020 7 Views

Today we have some more PlayStation news to go over and cover with an interesting question that PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan answered in an interview. The question has to do with their Game pricing model as well as what to expect from their studios. He seems to make it clear to expect “interesting variation” and claims Sony studios are working on “all sorts of things” right now. This seems to be a very subtle tease that there is more going on behind the scenes than we might think. We are talking about Sony reaching a new record when it comes to their stock in japan thanks for PlayStation 5. We are also covering Ghost Of Tsushima Legends getting some cool new PlayStation exclusive themed costumes as well as Spider-Man Remastered now being sold as a stand alone title on the PS5.

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  1. I wonder what these "interesting variations" could be? I assume they will be smaller games with a lower price point but with the AAA polish and quality we would expect from Sony. Do you think God Of War Ragnarok will be the God Of War version of Spider Man Miles Morales or Uncharted Lost Legacy? Would you be cool with that? Also what do you think about Jim Ryan saying that their studios are working on "all sorts of things", what do you think that could mean exactly? Also let me know what you think about Sony's stock hitting a new record that hasn't been seen since the PS2 days, this is a pretty good sign I think for the PS5. Also, that Shadow of The colossus outfit for Ghost Of Tushsima Legends is sick.

  2. This just means the $40 mid level spin-off games will be $50, AAA moderate level games will be $60, and the big huge blockbuster flagship SONY games will be $70.

    For example:
    something like another Lost Legacy and Mile Morales will be $50, if smaller IPs like Little Big Planet/SackBoy (etc)
    Some thing like Days Gone, another Infamous, some new IP racing game or really another other New unproven IP, will be $60.
    The most anticipated games from big franchises like GOW and the Next Nuaghty Dog game, will be $70

  3. Out of topic but just received my PS5 . I'm freaking loving it . I'm glad to have one . So far I believe it's bug free and nothing faulty with it . It's been sooo quiet . A beautiful machine . It looks even better in person . It just gets my attention everytime I look at it in my living room lol

  4. I don’t think anyone should doubt whether something is a sequel or not. In my eyes, it’s not difficult to distinguish, especially with God of War. But at the end of the day, it’s a video game. Whether it takes 30 minutes or 40 hours to finish, people will still play it. Great vid MBG ✌️