Brand New Xbox Console LEAKED? | Xbox Series X TAKING PS5 Tech

January 7, 2021 15 Views

Xbox has trademarked an Xbox Series XS and some people believe this could be a discless Xbox Series X but is it really? Also, Xbox is asking customers if they want PS5 Dualsense tech in their Xbox Series X controllers.

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  1. All those ppl that say “Xbox has No Games…” YOU REALLY JUST MAKE YOURSELF LOOK IGNORANT-

    I Have been a PlayStation Fan since 1995 and I play EVERYTHING on Xbox-

    Minus 3 Games:
    -Gran Turismo
    -Days Gone
    a few other Exclusives

    Xbox GIVES YOU WAAAAY More than Sony has EVER- I have like 5 different games that I Earned thru Xbox, just by playing Other games & being pt of ‘Microsoft Rewards!!’

  2. people just love to bitch when it comes to xbox and it makes me sick! xbox has a lot of biased cry babies constantly trying to kill the brand. also is rand turning into a sony ponie? he seems to be very salty towards xbox lately and talking a lot of shit! what happened? you planning to turn full ponie on us now? that's why i like dealer, timdog better! they don't jump on the bandwagon just to look cool insulting xbox.

  3. Nah I hate the thought of xbox using dual sense technology the problem is. Is that the problem with battery life is the gay station 5 dual sense uses up alot of power why. Is because it's the controller is the worsest use of power in all controller's on any console and the dual sense controller on gay station 5 sux balls it's built with fuk all mechanisms if you look at inside of the dual Sense on gay station 5 looks cheap and budget yet if you look inside any xbox generations controller it actually looks pafessional built. unlike the gay station controller's it looks cheap and budget made. it's the same with dual sense hell a shitty spring and nothing else nowonder why gay station 5 fans are furious about there dumb ass dual sense are shit and breaking within a month of purchase but do gay station fans steer away from it nope I hate Fony entertainment the basturds have stopped games from coming to xbox for years because they don't want any xbox to look better than it did on any gay station lots of people like to say xbox doesn't have many games it's because Fony entertainment has prevented most games from coming to xbox I love xbox and phil spencer is awesome love ya dude but I hate how he praises gay station 5 and all that yet fony entertainment never says anything nice about xbox be it launch or anything else phil I love ya man u turning xbox around and getting alot of once gay station exclusives onto xbox finally but I have faith in xbox I always have all my consoles have been xbox I love all of them love the graphics too but overall phil spencer needs to stop supporting fony entertainment because they don't feel the same about us on xbox and phil spencer shouldn't incorporate the dual sense technology on xbox or it will have alot of angry bird xbox players shitting on your twitter account when the control starts fukn up. me I'm xbox loyalist love all xbox generations and the games basically I'm xbox all over I don't want fans of gay station saying look xbox copying our dual Sense. We really don't need dual sense and if it did have it, it will put xbox controller on number 2 worsest power Hungry controller of consoles at the end of day incorporating dual sense technology in xbox will use alot of power and I think microsoft should steer away from anything dual sense technology for now anyway until at least a new battery has been created one that will not run out fast because of dual sense tech

  4. I have both the Series X and PS5 and while I love both… the PS5 controller is just a gimmick to me. The Xbox controller is just solid and feels great, no frills. Plus all that tech in the dual sense is just more things that can break.