True Beauty – SeojunxJugyeong Love story | How it started and ended(not a happy ending) // English

December 20, 2020 9 Views

Hi everyone ! I really like Seojun for Jugyeong. I remember there’s a group on facebook that I joined, to read this webtoon (a spoiler). Everytime I See hate comments about Seojun, Haha I’m protecting him by leaving a comment too.

but now I’m just so sad how their relationship ended. Seojun is a second lead indeed huhu.

I don’t hate Suho. In fact, I mentioned him here instead of seojun hahaha because.. i was thinking of cha eun woo. ?
Since he’s the leading man, I believe he’s the happy ending of our Jugyeong.

Hope you guys still enjoy this video. tho it’s heartbreaking. hehehe

I’m not asking for hate comments. If you don’t like it, then leave.
This is for Seojun shippers and for the curious people who wants to know how their Love story started and ended.

Thankyou guys for watching..


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  1. How many times did I say Lee suho instead of seojun ? Ahhhhhh sorryyyyyyy
    Edit : You can see here my explanation .. Thankyou for those people who understands me.
    I am team Seojun.. Don't question my "being a fan of seojun".You won't beliebe me but I always comment on the webtoon whenever seojun is being mistreated.I'm just so frustrated that they broke up so I did this video bec. I'm so eager to share it .. But I'm with my friend that time, and we're talking about this webtoon(while doing this video). She's team Suho, while I'm team seojun. I don't know if you'll believe me, but she keeps mentioning lee suho that time and I was like "yea, yea , you're lee suho, lee suho,lee suho" . Hahahaha and maybe that's why. I believe there are people who can relate too.. Whenever you're in a situation doing something, but someone keeps mentioning things differ from what you wanna say, you'll end up saying that too out of consciousness. Believe me or not, that's how it is. Again, thankyou for those who can relate and understand..and for those who got confused .. Sorry .. to make things clear, It's all about Seojun and jugyeong's.

  2. And honestly seojun waited for her to get over seojun for 2 years and he never felt it was alot to take in… And then jogeung starts obsessing over suho ex-girlfriend few weeks after her break-up with seo jun? Seojun deserves way better than that..
    And now I get that when seojun got mad over jogeung and suho 's treating together he was right and jogeung was wrong when she said she has no feelings left for suho?
    Like are you for real jogeung? I hate thinking that seojun was getting involved and played with as an analgesics for suho's abscence it's really messed up!!!!

  3. [SPOILER] I honestly don’t feel like reading the WEBTOON anymore lmao, it feels pointless and I bought coins to look into 5 further chapters and there’s a new love interest (I cant see him lasting long though) and like????? I would rather her be with Suho all the way but aww man I’ve been a strong team seojun ever since the comic was introduced to me (over a year ago easy). Damn like words can’t express how disappointed I am in their break up, I mean I saw it coming the second he said he wanted to become an idol but I didn’t want to except it..

  4. A little bit confuse actually, this video talking about seojun and jugyeong but why Lee Suho's name there. The suprises towards Jugyeong are made by Seojun but why the youtuber said its Lee Suho?..

  5. i dont want to see these seojun X jugyeong moments cuz its really hurts after realizing that they will broke up but i couldn’t avoid it too.
    i am gonna ship them,watch them and will get hurt myself too??
    i didn’t knew that when i started watching true beauty drama, i would be this much attached to seojun’s character and with this drama
    seojun~ah saranghae???❤️❤️

  6. Just watched 8 episodes, and I am thinking to drop watching. Just because I am aware that Seojun will be hurt.. Ahh… Such a strong second lead syndrome!!! I usually never feel so deep for second leads but this one and meteor garden….